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Absolutely miserable...Gerd for 5 days and ER

I have had severe acid reflux the last 5 days.
Out of nowhere. I did go through 2 rounds of antibiotics from the worst flu i ever had.
I am on an anti-anxiety med. Couldn't get it refilled because of the flu. Ended up in ER with acid reflux baddd.
History of Barrett's Esophegus  and smalsize of a pea pre cancerous spot removed from the entry from my esophagus to my colon. 2 years ago.
In Er they gave me three diff meds to calm my acid down and my anxiety med. Today i feel "ok" Bu the acid is still there. I am taking prilosec and imodium. I am very concerned that this will not be all the treatment needed. NEVER has this acid flared up like it has. 6 days in a row.
Scheduled Dr appointment with reg doc, and  need to get emergency visit to gasto Monday am. If i cannot get in to see hi i may end up beck in the ER.
I have no clue what brought this on. Er doc said possiblity of not having my anxiety med and the flu together.
This sound familiar? 6 days in a row? I do not think it is anxiety alone.
Thanx all :O)
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I have found in my own life dealing with reflux that the one single item that causes the most trouble is SUGAR! I eliminated all sugar from my diet, other than the small amounts added to canned foods, etc., but including all pastries, soft drinks, coffee, etc. and substituted non-calory sweetener as needed and have not had any reflux since. The sugar generates acid in the gut and that's the problem. Try getting rid of the sugar and HFCF and you'll see a huge improvement.
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Thank You Jones. It must have been the sugar. I did try to eat peppermint candy as someone told me peppermint was good for the stomach. I RARELY ever eat sugar! No more of that.
thanx :O)
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am having it bad now myself from stress i put myself in. do you get air in chest , feel like you can breath belch alot.  are you eating ,  it takes a while to get over it, ive had for years and its no fun. i just eat little meals and rolaids i do take a proslice over the counter but right now its not helping me because i threw myself into anxiety over health reason. hang in there eat light , i hope you dont end up back at er
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