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Acid Reflux / abdominal pain length of symptoms

already been to a gastroenterologist - had endoscopy, CT scan, blood work-up, dye tests for liver and kidney functions, now in next week will have heart CT scan, more blood work, liver scan (HIDA) and who knows what else!

dr. has ruled out ulcer, cancer, and can find no reason for symptoms, so he keeps prescribing pain meds which I do not want to take anymore since they just mask the problem.  I want them to find the problem and fix it.

for month and one-half the treatment to date has been prilosec otc, previcid, nexium, kapidex, and chlorestryum powder with no results.

symptoms are incredible burning and pain centralized only in center of chest at stomach only, not radiating out.  burn continues for 8 to 20 hours or longer from diaphram area up eshophagus through face even.  no fluid is involved, food consumption has been 3-5 hours earlier or more,  and it does not matter what incline I sleep at the burning persists.

everyone tells me chances are it is the gallbladder, but dr.s keep saying they can find nothing.   any thoughts?
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Hi gallbladder would not be far fetched....but more likely since u r not vomiting....I would ask if they checked for H.Pylori?

My father had a GB issue and it took months and various ER visits b4 he was finally dx even tho he told them everytime it was his GB,,,,,so keep pushing for answers.

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