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Acid Reflux, Nausea feeling

Please let me know if you are suffering from the following symptoms and have tried all prescription and OTC medicnes and still suffering

1) Acid reflux/Heart Burn
2) Gas/ Stomach heavy feeling all the time
3) Burping/Belching
4)Sour bile in mouth
5) Chronic constipation
6) Nausea / Throwing up feeling
7) Heavy chest and stomach feeling always full
8) Bad stink after burp
9) Smelly mouth due to constant burping

I have had some of the above symptoms especially the Burping/Sour bile / Heartburn/Constipation/ Heavy stomach  . I have some herbal supplements which only grow in South East Asia and they have helped me a lot . If anyone is interested in knowing more , please email me on gmail  with my id silvernile2000..
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May I know what that herbal supplement is?
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I have 1, 2, 6 and 7. I hardly ever burp. I never did to begin with. The gas is just released slowly when I breathe I guess.
I was put on omeprazole 30mg , no luck. Then 20mg of lansoprazole, which helped a little then the dr prescribed me 15mg because it worked a little bit. I hate going to the drs especially as they said that if it got worse I would need a camera down there and I am too scared to go through with anything like that because I am emetophobic. It *****.
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Ohh and it is caused by years of taking ibuprofen for headaches. I'm 19 now and when I was younger my mum would let me take them when I needed to. Headaches are only a rare problem now but I make sure I take paracetomol or nothing if it can be helped. I hate this horrible illness. If I'd have known they would have made me ill I wouldn't have taken them.
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What is the herbal supplement please?
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