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Acid Reflux & Rapid Heart Beating

Once in awhile I am cursed with a quick feeling in my stomach right in the soft area below the breast bone, that is quick & with a little pressure that then goes into my heart beating about 120-130 BPM.
I have no pain or trouble breathing when this happens & when I take 2-3 gulps of Mylanta or Pepto, it subsides and all goes away. I have had this happen after bending over, turning just my head to one side, laying on my right side, turning at my waist & just sitting. I also have had it awaken me while sleeping & usually in the middle of an emotional dream when it happens. (Crying or laughing in my dream)
I have a 48 hour holter monitor,EKG,ECHO,stress test & several images of the heart done in March of 2009 & ALL was normal. Back in 1995 I was told I had a MVP & it was nothing, but the last tests said I have a normal,healthy heart.
So...my question is...can Acid Reflux cause the symptoms I have described?
I have heartburn once in a while, but have occasional episodes of indigestion,gas,& food squirt up in the back of my mouth.
But again...no pain, just the discomfort of the heart racing, because I don't like it & it makes me nervous.
Thank You!
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Maybe, maybe not.  I have acid reflux and I also have the super fast heart beat on occasion.  Mine was "clocked at" 125 bpm, which on some occasions had lasted for over 2 hours.  After jumping through many medical hoops, I was told that I most likely have Supra Ventricular Tachacardia (this may not be spelled correctly).  I have found that I can get the rapid/and very hard beating to stop the quickest by chewing, and swallowing 2 aspirin and 2 calcium/magnesium/zinc tablets (it usually subsides in about 5 minutes).  I am currently almost episode free as I am drinking milk pretty regularly or taking my calcium/magnesium/zinc if I haven't had dairy in a couple of days (I had read at one time that the fast heart beat could be associated with a calcium deficiency/or other vitamin imbalance).  The calcium (which is also a natural muscle relaxer) seems to be working for me.
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When my acid reflux hit me 17 years ago, it suddenly felt like my food was getting stuck and it felt like I had something stuck in my throat. My children were almost 2 and 6 months old at the time. (I will try to keep this short. This will relate to your problem. :)) Every dr. I went to wanted to say it was my nerves causing my problems because my children were so young. This made me furious them blaming my babies! I knew how I was feeling and it was not from my nerves or my children! I could not find any help! It got so bad that I was mainly eating soup and mashed potatoes. One day my heart rate went up to 140 bpm and I ended up spending the night in ICU at my local hospital. I was put on cardizem and the dr. said it's probably your nerves and wanted to give me xanax to help the "food getting stuck" problem. I took the cardizem for 6 months. (But not the xanax) (Even though all my heart tests were fine. I had no heart trouble at all. Finally....... I went to my ob/gyn and told him what was going on. He said, "Have you ever seen a Gastroenterologist?" "Why didn't they call a GI when you were in the hospital?" He sent me to a GI dr. He did an EGD and guess what? I had a very inflamed esophagus. I was put on prilosec and a few months later, i was fine! I went back to my cardiologist because I was still on the cardizem. I told him what I was finally diagnosed with. He acted a little embarrassed. He said I haven't helped you at all. He told me that there are nodes in your esophagus and when they get inflamed it can trigger your heart to beat fast. I also have heart palpitations at time. I have been told they are hereditary (My mom and her dad do and did this) But also I can tell if my acid reflux is really bad, I will have those palpitations. I have taken meds for the acid reflux for the entire 17 years. I have recently had another bad attack of acid reflux where my food was getting stuck after gaining some weight through the holidays. I am now trying to lose the weight, I'm back on prilosec after zantac quit working and now am doing much better.
I hope this helps.

PS My babies are now 19 and 17.  :)
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