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Acid Reflux Natural Cure!!!!

Anyone have any natural acid reflux cures?  I wanted to share mine as it has solved a lot of my problems and pain.

I wanted to post this natural cure I have found for my Acid Reflux (GERD) Problems.  First I will explain my symptoms and then give you the nature cure I found that is so easy (Scroll down to bottom for cure if you don't want to read about my symptoms).

I have always been athletic and in good shape but about 11 months ago I started getting bad chest pains after working out. At first I was worried that it was a heart problem.  I kind of blew it off for a little while that it was just stress.  Then I got these chest pains in the middle of the night and was keeping me up for most of the night.  It even got so bad I would go into a panic attack thinking I was having a heart attack.  My wife pretty much forced me to go to the doctor.  I went to the doctor and they sent me for all these test, EKG, heart monitor, and GERD test.  Well it came back that the problem was acid reflux so they put me on medication for it.  The meds kind of helped but I never really felt the same as I did before still having palpitations and chest pain now and then.  So I started looking up natural remedies for acid reflux and came across some natural things to try.  Reading about all kinds of foods and their ability lower acid reflux I came up with this drink that I call the Elixir.  It pretty cheap and you can buy all the stuff at your local store.  This really changed my life back to normal and I really hope that it can also help anyone else having this problem.  I have gone through it for 10 months before finding my cure living through an absolute nightmare of feeling pain everyday.  If anyone tries this please send me some feedback of what you think.

The Elixir Cure:
Ok the ingredients are apples, cinnamon and honey. This is what I use the cure my Acid reflux.
Get a blender; chop up 1 or 2 apples into pieces it makes it easier for the blender.
Put the apple pieces in the blender and add some water to it (don't add to much water just enough to help the blender chop up the apples you want it nice and thick).  
Run the blender and liquefy the apple and water.  
Add cinnamon and honey in the blender and run it again.
Drink and enjoy the relief from Acid Reflux!!!

I usually have this in the morning and after dinner.
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Hi there, I have acid reflux, a duodenal ulcer and a hiatus hernia, i loved spicy food and my lovely glass of wine in the evenings but after the gastroscopy last week i have stopped all that ;-(. I found a miracle cure online (supposidly) and its raw potato, apple and carrot juice, only started it 3 days ago, feeling a load better but dont know if its the juice or the PPI's they put me on.
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  Funny u mention the Peppermint, I know I can not drink peppermint nething as it makes my stomach worse...and it is on the list as something many with GERD should avoid.....

It shows just how diff we r and how diff things work for diff people and u have to try to see what works for u : )
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Thx for the recipe.  I drink lots of apple cider and peppermint tea both of which I cannot live a day without.
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  Well that is interesting, and I drink apple cider which has the apples and cinnamon in it,....no honey....but I use it much the same...and it does help me....
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thank you so much for putting your recipe here I found it interesting, I do know apples help a lot...am going to make some up and try it ...
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