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Acid Reflux Wrap Around Surgery Safe?

I have had acid indigestion since primary school age, and over Christmas just gone I started having sharp stomach pains like a dull pointy needle pressed in my gut right of belly button and sometimes left of belly button, and nausea motion sickness coming and going a feeling of surety I will be sick but managed to hold it in, this got worse over the 18 months leading up to admitting my self to a&e .

And since then I met with a surgeon who said I advise the best course is a wrap around surgery like my dad had, is this a safe thing or is it with risks, and really I guess is that advisement to have it likely the best last resort, as omeperazole we both agree is more a stop gap but not a cure. He said yeah the omeperazole does work for most cases but may not in bad cases and I advise the wrap around your dad's mentioned do I agree I said yeah ok. But not sure what it entails is it simple or risky etc?
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Hi-Are you referring to fundoplication surgery?
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I looked online for wrap around and that fundiplication surgery is it you mention appears to jump out as the possible surgery the surgeon and dad is relating to, the surgeon did say it's an operation to stitch your osophagous and stomach to reduce acid rising. The current coronavirus situation led to my general surgery appointment being cancelled but the surgeon called me to discuss it over the phone instead I am autistic and have memory loss problems so almost everything he talked about I forgot immediately the only thing I think might have been mentioned by him was a ph test is it?
Why are you considering fundoplication surgery? It is major surgery even tho do with very small incision.........MAJOR SURGERY.  Please let me know why the surgeon is suggesting this.

Well basically I have as told this gastro surgeon, think he is the head of gastro surgery, that since primary schooage I have had severe acid burning often causing clutching both hands around my upper throat when severist, I said there is my personal opinion cause for for concern as this major intermittent bad really bad burning is very very painfull, and my father did also suffer with reflux in hisecondary schooyears through to his 30s he had to have a wrap around in the end after fluke being prescribed a temporary med and it made him bad built up in fatty tissue, they did some tests then and found bleeding in the osophagus and went i ended up hiatal hernia where his osophogus both sides never closed stayed open allowing acid in double amounand had made his osophogous bleed so they did then rare fundiplication wrap around surgery one stitch food pipand stomach reduction is it? WeIl I feel burninag all those years then boom sharp knitting kneedle pain nausea like you guare teed will vomit jist way beyond what I know of reflux pain, he said clearly now 5rh return visit it is not just reflux I assumed not ibs not gall stones it aint pancreatic checked ultrasound aint biopsy showing infectious, he now as I did say thinking it could be the bad one as in cancer but maybe not, he called couple months agduring outbreak as we both said yeah just do it the wraaround as a highly likely assumption, since then he called again said it gone chris me nah its still there he then uhhhme said know what chris its just inconsistent like you kept saying with reflux what want to do ayou asked pre op diciding is do those checks like you say for the bad one the worse oneas I now think yohave a point you have reflux sharp spike then no reflux nausea it is not consistent as you say that doesn'parallel with even severe reflux mate,. So I said yep do it, I am autistic so forgot that chat in one minute if that but either he meant during op explorative sure I recollect saying you mean explore during wrap around cant recall think he said yes for cancers the worse one I had called it. All I know is its got stabbing insertion not burning throat now he knowanI vented told him straight aint reflux mate like I know for years this is sharp stab none belch or burn like something is failing or dangerous warning it will fail maybe chronic grumbling appendix I suggested to a good diagnostician saw me year plus back in a&e forst time it kicked off he said yeah great theorI have to agree chris likelyhood is gall stones my first then yeah maybe chronic grumbling aplendix and yes chris your righ rare cases it can last years before going critical serious if does

All I know is iis like a big size knitting kneedle stabbing some beside belly button deep organ vroosh vroosh vroosh pulse pain organ then goes comes back sa.e worse etc on off day to day week clear then bacl vrooooosh have it sharp needle stab organ nausea on off a hell of a lot and the no.2 normal wipe is like mucus sone times most times stool regular just feels very risky to be left
Sorry miss spelt should get the jist on phone
Sorry basically got sh@ts a lot well not sh@ts more on off wett no.2 when wiping the waste is regular shape consistancy, on off stabbing needle insertion in organ left to right of belly button on of a d consistant intermitant but regular nausea and couple it with the immense reflux often get although seems seperate to each other reflux compared to nausea a d needle stab intermitant pain
Sorry basically got sh@ts a lot well not sh@ts more on off wett no.2 when wiping the waste is regular shape consistancy, on off stabbing needle insertion in organ left to right of belly button on of a d consistant intermitant but regular nausea and couple it with the immense reflux often get although seems seperate to each other reflux compared to nausea and needle stab intermitant pain, one thing I do have is a ultra strong ability to not be physically sick but when that nausea kicks in its like a ultra fight to not vomit and I am never struggling to hold back nausea but it is a whole other level of nausea this is sonething unlike any drunk or travel motion sick nausea it's just a totally over powering force of you will vomit and me fighting my hardest woth the view no I won'toh my g@d I might though this is severe nausea nothing like I have encountered ever before
I never vomit but this nausea is a real over powering pure got to go be sick feeling but I have yet to give in but it is hard to fight it I do always seem to get acute problems never mild
I can take acute sinisitus twice eye infirmary once it got so severe, acute plurascy acute gastroenteritous twice i have constant migranes from childhood floating light bursts agonizing pain got a migrane now no floters but pain bad, and since my teens I never feel sick to struggling fighting sickness but this thing it just stabs when acute and I fight isI don't throw up not even with a fever with acute gastroenteritus hospital admitance level have I feared the sharpness a d immediate nauseasnous of this thing it is so just wallop vomit vomit vomit feeling like hundred roller coasters with a needle dull stab stab stab sharp then sometimes dull stabbing pain in a belly button area organ rarely left of belly button left sode hurtthe most right is bad as well real bad and instant nausea I havent lost weight at all either
Sorry so many mistakes and carrying on messages was using a mobile phone with cracked screen, so in a nutshell layman's as I can make this, I have had reflux bad really really severe acid burning pains with eating lots of food groups even from fruit juices dilutable juice orange gives me often not just severe acid and belching so does eg. bananas and even chocolate and sugary foods spicy foods is a mega no no no.

This has often since say age 5-7 through to now 37yrs old caused major pain but confined to fullness feelings, belching and hickup bouts rarely but on occasion severe bouts, but absolutely predominantly a common bi product of those bouts of acidity is double clutching my throat both hands and super severe urrrrghhhh moments of this is like i ate sulphuric acid industrial grade, like a thousand batteries molten burning your food pipe. So I am constantly and acutely aware what that feels like when it kicks of and even often precursor sensations prior to a major epsiode of it.

Now I am no superhero i am not impervious to pain definitely not although i have autism and dyspraxia i feel pain emotion and nausea like anyone else does just some odd occasions i may not express that pain externally like someone else but be assured i feel precisely the same ouch factor someone neuro typical does, so basically had a 2 year period odd visit to a&e local large hospital, this i hate i avoid any contact outside my home and do not like altering routine but this pain this sharp sudden stabbing knitting kneedle sensation in an organ feeling just did not fit with reflux at all, and reflux bouts came and went aside this sensation happening this sharp organ deep stab left sometimes right of centre belly button had me worried i WILL NOT LIE, i always have acute problems if i have one never mild, had sinisitus acute twice acute gastroenteritous twice i have acute migraines constantly bad eyes wear every day glasses see visual tremors and neon floaters common i have an acute migrain now had them since about 4-5 yrs old that i can take had acute plurasy to collapsed twice that hurts like your being stabbed litterally but this sudden ultra nausea travel sickness effect with accompanying stabbing needle in organ pain is different, the surgeon agreed finally last phone call, i think like you said chris it's sounding less likely a reflux or intestinal issue, i want permittance to look for the other things the bad stuff as a possibility as you put it last time do you agree i SAID YEAH i agree exploratory surgery during the wrap around you mean could be mistaken sure he said yes checking for cancer mate etc, the worse one like you call it that ok chris i said yeah just do it mate i don't believe it's reflux or ibs chrons etc either now, but dad see my biological dad he had major two sets of hands wrap around surgery in the end he was trialed on lanzoperazole release test period then some doctor had him on a digitalis dirivitive med that stored in his fatty tissue was supposed to be short term but they had him on it many months he then collapsed lucky though one way on admittance paralized they found his osophogous was bleeding perfusely and opted for the wrap around i told this surgeon all this, he said needs a ph test and menometry before any op but yes chris during surgery i will now look for the bad stuff cancers etc potential issues in the process mate as it has me now concerned that it from what you describe is likely unrelated to gastro intestinal issue but we will look and find out during but i CAN'T DO THE OP AT ALL WITHOUT THE PH AND MENOMETARY i have no idea what it all is barr wrap around and exploratory
All I can say as not pro diagnostician trained is I suspect it is a chronic grumbling appendix flaring and it's a matter of a short time before pop goes the weasel lol, or it's a benign cyst (none cancerous tumor) which i have all over me everywhere that has formed in one of those none cochure areas pressing against something like vessellls veins or nerves etc, or it is a bad tumor or it's a complication of years of neglect of the acid reflux issue that has exxacerbated now requiring immediate attention. the worry i have is the gaps between doing something about it and doing nada and it is coming and going just the same occassionally more acute sometimes less acute, one thing I don't ever have is severe nausea i am never sick or vomit very very very very rare but this when that sharp needle stab happens before after or during when that kicks in it's a nausea i admit i absolutely struggle like never ever have to fight it accompanied often by a stabbing needle insertion to a deep organ left or right of belly button, my guess chronic grumbling appendix?
It's very sharp at times but not really make an adult whimper or cry but it can at it's most painful feel scary as you don't understand what is causing it but it does feel unfamiliar sudden onset and obviously you fear what you do not understand, it does cause common issues wiping after no.2 the stool is regular colour and consistency but often wiping after does leave a damper tissue almost all times but not every single time, that seemed to happen after a long time feeling pains no issue with no.2 or wiping and after a long time with the sharp pain and nausea that then came in to affect. And remains?
There is only one bacterial infection I can think of that is actually possible as a candidate and can remain in the tummy other than the reflux disease bacteria they biopsied for that came up clean and that is salmonella which I heard can stay in the body for a long time 6 months is it or way longer like 18 months plus I do know my previous step father had it from abroad over 6 months? Who knows? Even the diagnosticians find it an intriguing mystery?
I had the fundoplication surgery for a giant hiatal hernia....and to get off of omreprozole that I was on for 15 years.  I did not have problems the same as yours.  I would balance what an MD tells you with what a nutritionist can help you with.  Have you changed what you eat?  Have you  changed when you eat?  These kinds of changes can help with the horrible burning in your throat and mouth.  A nutritionist (at a good health food store) might be able to help you with things like salmonella.  You may need a liver cleanse (most people do).  It sounds like you have several issues to take care of.  Will the surgeon be the same one your dad had?  Is your dad happy with his post-op condition?  Be sure you have the best surgeon you can find....one that has performed many many SUCCESSFUL wraps.......google the surgeon to find our more about him/her.....you don't want the wrap too loose as it can come undone and have to be done again. You don't want the wrap too tight as that causes other issues.    Talking to experts about your diet and the health of your organs can give you some relief .  
I have had bloods taken many times and ironic is one thing both times different blood samples on different months say 9 months apart did show slightly low kidney function I wonder if kidney problems can cause this mix of pain beside and around either side of my belly button some times and nausea with the loo issues?
diet wise I eat junk a lot but cut back a lot lately improved the acid burning lowered it, but the pain and nausea is intermittant and frequent, it is like extreme motion sickness nauseousness it's a battle to hold the need to vomit back like you have been on roller coasters all day none stop
Hi-I have not had the same pain as you but I know that if you meet with a nutritionist they can help you eliminate some of the foods that cause the most discomfort.  Be sure to do research about the surgery and ask many many questions.
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