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Acid Reflux and Anxiety

Does anxiety increase acid reflux?

To my knowledge it doesn't appear to be so.
However i imagine if your acid is built up..your worry goes up as well.

Acid reflux is ...acid reflux..just that.
Thanx :O)
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Hi, I have been told this is a possible issue and have found many articles online to back it up.
I copied and pasted part of one such article.....u will have to make ur own decesion.

Can Stress Cause Acid Reflux?
Stress is also known to cause the body to produce more stomach acid. Because of this, managing stress is an important factor in managing acid reflux. Stress works towards increasing the stomach acid levels inside the body, resulting in aggravating the disease further.

What kind of things that can make acid reflux worse:
Coffee (both regular and decaffeinated) and other drinks that contain caffeine
Carbonated drinks
Citrus fruits
Tomato products
Chocolate, mints or peppermints
Fatty foods or spicy foods (pizza, chili, curry)
Laying down too soon after eating
Being overweight or obese
Aspirin or ibuprofen
Certain medicines - be sure to check with your physician
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