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Acid aspiration into lungs

I am a 71 year old maile. i have had GERD for sometime and have been on Prilosec for it. 2 20mg capsules befor I eat breakfast. For the past year I wake up at night with the acid in my mouth and choking.Then I have the terriible burn in my chest and lungs for a good hour before it subsides. Then it is followed by congestion in my lungs and I cough up green or someimes yellow flem. I sleep on about 5 pillows to elovate my upper body, but that still doesn't help. I eat dinner around 6:30 and do not go to bed for at least 5 hours after I eat. I am know taking 40 MG Protonix 60 minutes befoe I eat my first meal and 40 mg Prilosec before dinner and I still woke up the other night with acid aspirating into my lungs. I am going to the Va tomorrow and they are going to take a chest Xray as they feel by my symtoms I might have developed nemonia. I have only been on the the Protonx 6 days. I was even considering the surgery untill I read some of your blogs. I am 5' 11'' and weigh 175. I am not over weight how ever I am a couch potato and love TV no exersize. Every time I get GERD I aspirate into my lungs uually gets better ,but not this time. I noticed that nobody mentioned the acid going into there lungs. Is this unusual? Suggestions please.
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It's dangerous, but this isn't the first time I've heard of people with GERD aspirating into the lungs.
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Hi Bob...I have to agree with Furballsmom that aspirating into the lugs is dangerous, but acid...please call ur dr asap and tell them about this.

U may have a motility issue with ur LES...dairy products can slow it down more so do try and avoid dairy in late afternoon and evening.

Plus, do u have the head of ur bed elevated?...if not u will want to do this by getting blocks to put under the frame...using pillows does not work.Being elevated helps with gravity to keep the acids down where they belong.

Again, please call ur dr and update us on ur progress.

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