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Acid reflux Constant bloating chest and shouler pain is this h pylori?

hi i have had an ongoing issue with acid reflux over the last few months. I originally was getiing very bad heartburn and then one day i thought i was having a heart attack. Went to doctors was told it was acid reflux had an ecg was all fine. I took the 40mg omperazole once a day for a month and i was still gettin very bloated to the point were i could not catch my breath and was causing left shoulder pain. I had to wait 2 weeks for and endoscopy. I have recieved my endoscopy and it showed mild inflammation of stomach and gullet and they have taking test for any bacteria in stomach . I am going to have to wait another 2 weeks for results and am back taking the omeprazole but my stomach is constanlty bloating up after eating. Is this a side effect of the tablets?? i have been taking these tablets 6 weeks in total but i am stil suffering severly with bloating and my stomach is constanlty rumbling. Does this sound like h pylori or does anyone else suffer sever bloating from these omeprazole tablets. i am now on the sick from work as i cant  do anything when i get the bouts of bloating and shortness of breath.
Any help with my questions will be greatly appreciated.
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May it be Acute Gastritis or Acid Peptic Disease or Peptic Ulcer,all of these conditions present with more or the less the same symptoms,change in the pattern of symptoms and severity,while having an association with H.Pylori.Such conditions may start as a symptoms which may get converted to other condition if not adequately managed.Main symptom in this situation will be heartburn and dyspepsia,pain radiating to left shoulder or back,mild range dyspnea,sometimes associated with few bouts of Nausea/vomiting or diarrhea.

Since the interpretation of the ECG are normal (may not eliminate underlying heart conditions which requires reevaluation with the cardiologist),and upper gastoesophagoendoscopic study reveals mild inflammation,you condition may refer to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or Reflux Esophagitis with precipitating Gastritis,which often present as severe heart burn.

It is good to have a Diagnostic and therapeutic Upper GI endoscopy with pH test and also extraction of gastric contents for H.pylori isolation,which you have already undergone.But rather waiting for the tests results,to relieve the symptoms (root cause for all above conditions being H.Pylori expect for esophageal spinchter incompetence),Bloating may refer further progression of condition into Acute Gastritis for which 'Triple therapy' or 'Quadruple therapy' is advised.

Only omeprazole may not be able to let you get rid of aggravating symptoms.So in Triple therapy-1.Amoxicillin-500mg bd and Metronidazole-400 mg td with 2.Rabeprazole+Domperidone bd, 3.Sucralfate anesthetic antacid suspension td for continuous 10 days helps to stop progression of disease.Further Multi vitamin and peptic enzymes may be prescribed as supplementary medications.Most of the people get relieved with this complete prescription.Bloating can be relieved by probiotics and rich fiber food,more fruits before and after meals,more green vegetables,less dairy products,less oily products,etc.

So talk to your Doctor about these treatment options and get the complete prescription.If H.pylori is isolated as expected treatment however remains more or less the same while following the same triple therapy but medications may change depending on drug sensitivity and presentation of symptoms at that time.

Bloating is a not a side effect of Omeprazole but indicates further progression of disease while having a pattern of GERD and Gastritis.

Hope this helps.Please keep us updated.
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thanks for your reply hopefully i should have my test results back soon and will have an idea if i have a bacterial infection. I have a had an upper endoscopy and it showed mild inflammation of stomach and gullet and they took samples from my stomach lining for the bacteria.
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Your endoscopy test result suggests it is GERD or Reflux esophagitis with Acute Gastritis.Best treatment option is Triple therapy while prescription require little modifications like change in Antibiotics depending on drug sensitivity,Change in PPI-omeprazole to Rabeprazole or Esmoprazole or Lansoprazole), H2 antagonists-Cimetidine or Famotidine or Ranitidine,Adjustment in combinations of antacids with colic medications and Vitamin B12,dietary modifications,observation of symptoms and regular follow up,which may vary depending on observation with the Attending Physician.
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thanks again for you help it is greatly appreciated.
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