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Acid reflux tests normal!

Hello my name is Belinda and for a few years now I have had all the symptoms of acid reflux I've had numerous tests ph 24 came back normal barium swallow normal and endoscopy showed my esophegus doesn't work properly due to not being connected when born so was operated on within hours of being born so shows it's not closing or pushing food down properly and so doctors where not surprised I was having symtoms but still say tests were normal! They put me on omeprazole which didn't seem to help much so stopped taking it.... I was discharged from clinic last year but I am still having symtoms every day but feel what's the point in going back to doctors after all tests came back ok even though there is proof my esophegus isn't working as it should! I'm so confused and desperate to feel better :-(.....
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

May I ask, did they suggest you try a pro biotic? If not, give it a try.....

And  how long were you on the meds mentioned above? Have you tried the H2b insead of a PPI?
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