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Acid reflux

I have had acid reflux for ten years. I have been on everything known to man. Two years ago i developed high blood preasure so i started changing my diet and working out 4 times a day. I felt better for about 6 months and then i started feeling light headed and my heart felt like it was skipping so i slowed down my workouts and now it happens even when i'm sitting down doing nothing.Even more recent, I've been waking up in the middle of the night like im hyperventalating. I have no energy and my acid reflux is  worse than it's ever been. plus i'm getting hot and cold flashes and nervous. Could this all be tied to acid reflux and can it be fixed instead of a bandaged.
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By the way i am only 35 years old. I should feel strong as a bull..
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Not that this is any consolation, but I have something very similar.  I'm 36.  I had heartburn for 20 years and 2 years ago I was on a treadmill too long, I got palpitations and that was that - haven't really been able to shake them since.  Lightheaded is one of my symptoms if I eat the wrong thing - or during an "episode" what I call it.  I check my blood pressure and pluse (which strangely is always normal).  

Have you had your blood tested for any vitamin deficiencies?  I had a Vitamin D deficiency, since taking more....it hasn't really helped. I find myself also being more tired (my sister thinks I'm depressed)  Maybe I am, I don't know - but I'm definitely TIRED! LOL  It's depressing to be sick and not know what is wrong.  I'm afraid to go out to eat because I don't know what's going to set off the symptoms.  

A few months ago I got lightheaded while driving on the highway, 80mph.  Turns out I hadn't eaten anything for 6 hours...but my body never told me it was hungry.  I kind of counted on the stomach to make a noise or something. Never happened.  So empty stomach causes symptoms, overeating causes them...the only thing that helps is drinking plenty of water.

What all have you tried to diagnose?  I heard the Vagus nerve might be to blame. I'm making appointments at a Gastroenterologist, Internist, going to my Regular Doctor on Monday to have more bloodwork done - I want to know if the Vitamin D I've been taking is actually working.

Let me know!  :) Have a wonderful weekend!
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I'm getting a upper GI scope thingy done on the 19th but he didn't seem to be concerned about the skipping part. I don't know what to think anymore. it damn sure ain't normal to feel this way and if the doctor were having this problem i bet he would take it more seriosly, but what can you do right? he did take some blood work so maybe something will show up or maybe he'll just look at me like i'm crazy. I would not wish this on my enemy....
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I too have suffered acid reflux for over 10 years, and have had the heart palpitations with no real diagnosis!  But then I had the BIG 'episode' which scared me to death...thought I was having a heart attack!  Funny feeling in the head, almost disoriented, hot flash then cold flash, shoulder pain, and shortness of breath.  Ended up being an anxiety attack, and the first of many!  I seem to have them under control now with meds and mind-change, but still have "tremors" now and again when tired or stressed. Also, my gerd is only controlled with Protonix. I hope this info is helpful...you are not alone out there!
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You know that could very well be my problem sense i feel like i'm going postal sometimes. i've even heard that from a doctor before but i have issue's with that diagnoses because my mother just died in nov. from stage 4 breast cancer and she had been complainig about pains and sickness for years but they just wrote it off as anxiety until she was terminal and so my survival instict wants to kick in and say check me again find out why my body is saying there is something wrong and quit blaming it on something else because you cant find anything. look harder. both of my parents had diabetes and heart disease also. i'm just wondering if my body is trying to tell me something ahead of time. Does that sound crazy?
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I would like to fold up in a corner somewhere and just quit but i can't. I have four kids and my 80 year old father that depend on me and i don't want to take some med that nums me from what is really happening if there is something else going on. I have to many reasons to live. But if it is anxiety and thats all well i need some freakin' help then. It's just hard to believe that nerves can give you acid reflux for ten years, high blood preasure for 2 years, and all the other wacky symptoms i'm having. i'm not a doctor but i would think that what ever is happening in my stomach is causing the anxiety and everything else sinse it started there but what do i know.
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