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Acidic Refluxes

I am facing acidic refluxes for the past 6 years I had taken many medicines but is of no help.  I had done endoscopy but according to gastroentrologist there is not problem and he gave me medicine I took it for 3 months according to the course but is of no help.  But later on I took siddhi ayurveda medicine the acidic refluxes got reduced.  But again for the past 2 weeks I am having a continuous acidic refluxes after taking food.

I am having major problem as I am staying beyond kalyan I had to travel a lot whenever I travel due to these acidic refluxes the gas gets choked in my neck area and I find respiratory problem.  There is a major issue when I travel through fast train through the tunnel which we get at mumbra,  but my ears are blocked with air and I find a major difficulty in respiring and the gas chokes up.

My acidic history let me explain you in full details :

if I eat food my stomach becomes heavy and acidic refluxes start and even if I stop eating food the acidic refluxes start I don't know what to do.

After from this before my marriage since the age of 18 years I was having ulcer problem I took many medicines but it is not cured till the age of 36 years but sudden from one of my colleague told me to take aloeveral liquid I took empty stomach after waking up.  Due to this the ulcer problem got permanently sorted out but this acidic refluxes are not cured permanently I am fed up I am planning to leave my job  but I am worried about my family.

Recently I had done following tests :

Complete Blood Count :
In this ESR is High i.e. 28 mm/hr Normal Limit should be 0-20
LFT - Normal
LIPID Profile - S HDL Cholesterol - 36 mg/dl
S.Triglycerides - 192
LDL - 84.6 mg/dl
S. VLDL Cholesterol - 38.4 mg/dL
Total Cholesterol - 159 mg/dl
S Creatinine - 1.1 mg/dl
Fasting Plasma Glucose - 78 mg/dl
PP Plasma Glucose - 104
What are the other tests I should do to get the acidic refluxes permanently cured.
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