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Acidity and sinus?

Hello everyone,
So late last year I had this problem with my throat.constant feeling of lump in throat.i went to the doc who said it was because acidity.i asked if it was gerd but he said no.now over the last few months I've had this problem of sinus aswell.like something is stuck between the throat and nose.it also causes severe head pressure(or at least I think it's the cause)

Now my question is whether acidity causes sinus problems or not?because there are days when I wake up with severe head pressure pressure in eyes.
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  Hi...sinus issues can cause acidity issues....such as post nasal drip....it can create a vicious cycle.....

U need to treat both. mayb u need to see an ENT to get an idea what is going on...also Silent reflux will cause the lump in the throat feeling...and cause mucus....so, it can be hard to tell from a description...

Have u been to a GI dr or a PCP?
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if you make daily saline nasal rinsing a part of your normal routine you will
feel better.
One nasal rinse clears out so much mucus.

I am so used to nosewashing now that for me it's no big deal. it's like brushing my teeth
or washing my face or taking a shower.
I can't even think of NOT doing it at least once a day.

REGULAR NOSE RINSING also restores the cilia
which are THE MICROSCOPIC HAIRS IN OUR RESPIRATORY TRACT & the natural cleaners of the nose.
But to have continuing effects you must do it daily.

I also think giving up dairy is important. Dairy is
a mucus-producing food plus it's a cancer promoter.
so for better sinus health/allergy relief - I say do this :

**** wash you nose every single day with warm salt water - at least once -why-?
no more post-nasal drip. try it. get a neti pot-!
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Thanks for the reply guys!truly appreciate it.ill definitely give that nose washing thing a try.and my symptoms actually include runny nose at the end or after a meal.red eyes,lump in throat and the most annoying is the severe head pressure.the pressure actually makes me feel I have depression because it makes me feel so uncomfortable.like a severe brain fog.i even wake up at night because of it in a completely confused state.its definitely making life very miserable.
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Hi, if u r considering a neti pot please read this and follow all directions to use on e safely.

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You would be amazed at how much drinking plenty of quality water with a higher pH(preferably alkaline) would reduce sinusitis & acid reflux problems. I have tested Evian & Fiji bottled water and they both have a pH at about 7.8
I woke up this morning after drinking 3 cups of Starbucks coffee up until 3am with bad sinus problems. I immediately turned on my Kangen Water ionizer and drank 4 glasses of pH 9.0 alkaline water. PLEASE my friends who are reading this, look into this acid/ alkaline imbalance thing! High levels of acidity causes over 80 different diseases including Cancer.I have more info if you would like. Not here to sell, just share...Blessings to all!
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