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All Tests Normal

I've had acid reflux symptoms since 2010. My symptoms have been off an on over the last seven years. The main symptom has been discomfort in the gastric region (just below the middle sternum) and chest discomfort. Rarely does food cause any symptom. Usually just chest discomfort and gastric discomfort that can last all day from early morning before eating to night time and sometime sleep apena also have anxiety issues only when symptoms appear. I had other tests as well, CT-Scans, ultrasounds, HIDA scan, bloodwork, etc. All normal.

In 2013, I opted for the linx procedure. Before the procedure, I had the PH monitor performed (normal). I then had the 48 hour bravo and the manometry (both also normal). The surgery was canceled, so I continued to take dexilant. I had a endoscopy preformed in 2010 which was also normal.

I made many changes including weight loss and exercise which helped. I was pretty much symptom free for almost a year until April of this year when I got the stomach flu. Since then my symptoms have returned along with my anxiety. My G.I doctor put me back on dexilant and will follow up in six weeks with a possible endoscopy after that time.

My question, has anyone had all tests normal but continue to have symptoms? Where you dx with any other issue that cause acid reflux symptoms?

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