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I"m on amoxicillin for an infected tooth, which is getting extracted wednesday afternoon. I have indigestion right now. It feels like something is stuck in my throat and my stomach is bloated. I know it's the spicy food I at a few hours ago. I'm suppose to take my 500 mg of amoxicillin tonight but I'm concerned because of the indigestion. How long do I have to wait to take an antiacid after taking the antibiotic amoxicillin.
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Hi there,

When you take antibiotics you need to restore the normal "flora" in your tummy by eating Yogurt and taking Pro-biotics for the duration of the antibiotic course and a few days thereafter.

You can get Gaviscon OTC and drink it 3 times a day and that will also help.

Hope it helps :)
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  I will agree with Smiley that when on antibiotics u will want to restore the natural balance that antibiotics  change by killing off all bacteria the good with the bad and we need the good bacteria to help break down foods....

Yogurt and a good probiotic is a good practice while on antibiotics.

  This should help and reduce the need for an antacid while on the meds.

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I have had many abscess teeth/tooth over the past 3 months one after anther i have found 2 antibiotics work quiet well.and a otc quick remedy as a well.
Cipro,and penicillin are 2 good antibiotics  that work very well.Also buy some sensodyne tooth paste this works quickly for pain(but sensodyne is a temp fix.
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Thank you Smiley2000 I had the tooth pulled but the oral surgeon did not pack it with antibiotics so now food is in the extraction site and my gum have swollen. Now I have to go back and they will flush it out then pack it. Let's see what happens next. Thanks a million :-)
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You are welcome, sweetveggie :)

like the alias!

Another pointer:  make yourself a cup of tea and take the tea bag that you've used and bite on it for a while.  The bleeding and swelling will get better!
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How are you doing now?  Did you ever recover?  
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