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Anyone with chronic mild to severe GERD suspecting Cancer?

Hello! I have been suffering from severe GERD and overall stomach pain after a single vomiting episode 4 years ago.
My suspicion is a Mallory Weiss tear or some sort of herniation, because after that violent vomiting episode, I began to experience shortness of breath and a lot of trapped burps that I never experienced before. Also severe stomach pain.

No blood present in subsequent vomits. I was pending of having an endoscopy, but that same year someone close to me died in the same procedure, so I started having severe PTSD about it. until this day I didn’t manage to get an endoscopy.

My suspicion is that it evolved into a cancer. I lost over 10 kilograms, and my lymphotcites are almost non existent. Doctors cannot do anything, because all they do is push for an endoscopy, but since I have a baby boy I think "would I rather risk dying on the operating table like my friend, or live a few months more with possible cancer, and what’s more, even not  have it?"

Anyone dealing with the same situation? My mental health of course is very bad, and I don’t know what to do.
I do therapy, but it really doesn’t help.

Any help would be endlessly appreciated.

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The endoscopy is not a big deal. They just push a camera down your throat and look at your stomach with the camera. It's just a way to see what is going on.

It is not dangerous and it is not harmful. I have had about 4 or more done in the past. It's the simplest procedure ever.
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