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Are Gag Reflexes a Symptom of GERD?

Hello, I've been on Nexium since April due to GERD.  It helped with my heartburn and stomach cramps but it did little to help with an unusual symptom that I've been having lately: gag reflexes.  I would be going around doing my daily activities and suddenly be attacked by gag reflexes that lasts for about 1-2 seconds.  It would make me nauseous and feel like throwing up but the good thing is, I don't.  Just wondering whether anyone who has GERD also experience this kind of symptom?  If it's caused by GERD, does anyone know of any natural remedies / medications that can relieve this kind of symptom?  Nexium, unfortunately, doesn't help at all. Thank you for any of your input!
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Hi ...many with gerd also have post nasal drip...it could be that this could be an issue for u....a saline nasal spray may help.

Talk with ur dr about this problem.

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