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Are there any substitutes for caffeine?

Hello everyone,

I have acid reflux disease and I cannot take anything which contains caffeine (therefore, no tea, yerba mate and the like), but I am not able to function properly without it. I've got low blood pressure and I need something to keep me awake, since now I feel sleepy all the time, I can't focus and so on.

Does anyone here know any substance, pills or whatever which could keep my blood pressure high?

Thank you very much,
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Hi, I have the same problems. But also have an arrhythmia so I just drink decaf coffee. I don't know if that would upset your stomach or not. For some reason two cups has a tiny bit of caffeine and it helps.
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5 Caffeine Substitution Ideas
1) Ginkgo Biloba
2) Ginseng
3) Ice Cold Water and a B12
4) Teeccino and Cafix
5) Stretch and Eat an Apple?
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The first thing that you need to make sure of is to keep yourself well hydrated. When you are properly hydrated it increases your blood pressure. Increasing your salt intake is also another way to raise your blood pressure. If you just want to get a quick boost to raise your blood sugar all you need to do is drink a cup of fruit juice. Another option is to eat 1 cup of raw figs. They have roughly 27 grams of sugar, or about as much as a candy bar.

I hope this gives you at least some options.
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