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I am over weight and working on that. I do all the things I need to do to eliminate night time aspiration of GERD. Sometimes I don't even eat dinner in the evenings at all because I fear aspiration which I know isn't right. Last night I aspirated AGAIN and it was so bad that before I even woke up I was on my feet gasping for air for quite a lengthy time before I could breath properly. My poor husband was scared to death and was pounding on my back to help break it lose. I have done this numerous times at night. I have had several scopes because of erosion of my esophagus which has healed because of the dosage of medicine I am on. I am currently taking 80 mg of Omeprazole a day to control my GERD and watch my diet closely. I am also asthmatic to of course this flares that up as well. Sometimes I fear I will die during one of these really bad ordeals. What else can I do to eliminate these night time episodes?

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Hi....do u have the head of ur bed elevated?

And r u aware not eating can make ur gerd worse?...eat several small meals and make sure u don't eat 3 to 4 hrs prior to lying down...and stay away from dairy products late in the afternoon as it can slow down the LES and allow the reflux to move upward where it doesn't belong.

Try chewing some surgar free gum after dinner- the excess saliva created from chewing  helps to break down the acids in ur stomach.

Diet and lifestyle changes are important in addition to meds.

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Yes I elevate my head and know what things to eat and what not to eat. I don't eat late. I have always chewed gum to relieve some of the acid but recently been diagnosed with TMJ so my dr doesn't want me chewing gum anymore. I recently joined *********** on line for weight loss help. I have been walking and documenting what I eat. I was surprised to find out how badly I was starving myself. I had a hard time just reaching the lowest end of the chart for the proper amount of nutrients. Which seems so odd how a person can be fat and not eat enough but it all revolves around metabolism. Well since I started getting the proper nutrition and eating 4 smaller meals a day I have felt better by far. No night time episodes plus I have even been sleeping better. I am walking as well for exercise and everything is just going a bunch better. I want to get off my omeprazole(generic prilosec) as I take 80 mgs a day. I have cut back to 60 mgs and doing great with that. Just taking everything slowly to a healthier me...thanks so much for you post. I am sorry I haven't got back to you sooner but been busy with weight loss and my *********** online. Great place to be! Thanks again for your post...I was disappointed I didn't have more remarks on my post.
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Hi Ruth...so glad to hear things are going in a positive direction for u.

Is ur dr working with u to lower ur med levels?

Eating more often, but smaller meals is something my dr has suggested to me for yrs, but when u work 14 plus hours a day, it is diff to eat one meal let alone 4......I feel it is the employers and the way we feel we have to live to work instead of work to live....we work too much and that adds stress......and we do not eat correctly.

Time is sooooo short, we have to get a handle on it and like u, if we all took time to exercise and eat the smaller meals we would get better.

Thanks for sharing a positive result and I hope u continue to share ur experiences with us here on MedHelp...we also have a weight loss community here if u r interested.

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