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**Awful Throat Pressure with feelings of Swelling and Globus Sensation**

Hi Everyone!

I've been having a very unpleasant feeling going on with my neck, and I was wondering if anyone could relate.

A little history on me: I've been experiencing stomach soreness/heaviness/fullness for the past few months. My doctor thinks this is contributed to GERD. I do have acid reflux quite often, (although sometimes it is silent) and I'm currently on Align probiotics and 60mg of Dexilant daily. I just had a GI consult, and I'm going for an upper endoscopy/colonoscopy in a few weeks. I'm 30, about 20lbs overweight, but otherwise healthy.

I've already had a barium swallow that showed no esophageal strictures, or narrowing - and was negative for anything else stomach-wise. I've been tested for Celiac Disease, and had a food allergy panel that ruled out any reactions to milk, soy, eggs and wheat.

For the past 2 weeks or so, I've had this awful pressure on my throat. It feels like someone is actually pressing down on my trachea. When I swallow, I have this HUGE globulus sensation, and it feels really thick with mucus. I can still swallow food and drink OK, but the pressure feeling is absolutely horrible! Somtimes it feels like my soft palate is relaxing, or I'm being choked from the inside (I might not be describing this properly) I've also noticed that if I don't drink anything for a while my throat will get extremely dry. Luckily, this is not affecting my airway - and I can breathe ok when this happens, but it's still a very scary experience.

I've looked up CRICOPHARYNGEAL SPASMS, and it fits most of my symptoms exactly, except for the fact that I don't have any anxiety! I don't understand how this could be the only symptoms I'm having. I've had panic attack's in my early 20's and I know what they feel like. When I'm having my throat symptoms, I'm totally calm - that is the only issue that I'm having.

I've also read that acid can be very irritating to the throat, so I wonder if I have some form of Esophagitis. My doctor said that my throat issue is either GERD related or anxiety, and prescribed me Ativan and Xanax - both of which I'm hesitant to take, because I don't like taking any medications unless absolutely necessary, but I will try if it will provide some relief.

My symptoms are pretty much 24/7 to one degree or another. It waxes and wanes, and I can't seem to pinpoint what exacerbates this or not. I haven't been eating or drinking anything out of the ordinary, and haven't had any recent life stressors.

Has anyone had success treating this? Or has anyone found that taking a low dose anti-anxiety medication has helped with these symptoms?
I am absolutely desperate - any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated! I feel like this is starting to affect my life, and I start school in August (I'm a nursing student and finishing up my last semester) I need this to feel better NOW!

Thank you so much! I will do ANYTHING to make this feel better!
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Have u looked at seasonal  allergies as a possibility for post nasal drip? That can add to reflux and the issues with ur throat....

What u eat can affect how u feel as well as ne change in weight...up or down.

U will also want to look to family history and see if thyroid nodules are something others in ur family may have had.......

Discuss all of this with ur Dr and let us know what u find out.

All the best to u.
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Hi there,

I have a long medical history (you'll have to read it on my profile page) and have had a Nissen Fundoplication to prevent further damage (I have long segment of Barret's Oesophagus) but I have been suffering with throat-symptoms for more than 3 years (that globus sensation that you referred to in your post) and after a visit to an Otolaryngologist (fancy ENT) was diagnosed with Chricopharengeal muscle spasms and thickening.  

I was on medication: Diazapam and Tripteline but could not function on it and have had 2 botillium toxin injections into my Chrico muscle.

I had barium swallows that was normal (no Hiatal Hernia) and then I had a Modified barium swallow done about 4 months ago and that was ABNORMAL:  food gets stuck at 2 places:  epiglottis and in the middle of the chest.

The botillium injection works for me! thus confirming the diagnoses.  The effects wears off after 2 months and I went to see a Speech Pathologist and she gave me some exercises to do.

So my advice to you:  go and see an Otolaryngologist for some tests.

All the best and let me know if I can be of further help.
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    Hi... you didn't mention Magnesium supplementation.  Are you taking Magnesium?  A lack of Magnesium  can cause all kinds of "symptoms" including a choking feeling in the throat...  it also stops zaps, tingling, numbness, restless legs, and muscle spasms.
      Hoping this info is helpful.   Best wishes
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I just posted a comment about my similar symptoms to you.  I am experiencing similar problems but I was diagnosed with GERD, Barrett's Esophagus and a Hiatal Hernia.  I am currently under the care of a GI Dr but was thinking of adding an ENT to my list of doctors since I cannot get rid of the globus sensation.  It has gotten progressively worse over the past week and I'm at such at loss right now.  I was symptom free and felt great 2 months ago.  It all started with some chest pressure and it has since snowballed into a whole slew of symptoms for me.  All of my symptoms are cardiac in nature to the point that I was in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack.  I'm a 35 year old female with 2 young children so I understand your need of wanting to feel better.  I also have silent reflux, I had no idea that acid was washing back up into my esophagus because I NEVER have heartburn, except when I was pregnant.  I hope you find some answers with your endoscopy and colonscopy.  I got answers with mine but unfortunately no relief.  I've been on Protonix for one week now and of anything my symptoms have gotten worse since starting it.  I'm trying to patient but ivy patience is starting to wear thin......
Your symptoms sound like my husbands.  He's 35, thin, has Barrett's and hiatal hernia.  He is miserable with the lump feeling in his throat but ruled out any visable issues with endo.  Did anything work for u?
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