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Baby GERD. Prevacid. Weak bones??

Son is 15 months old.  Has SEVERE milk protein allergy, GERD, acid reflux, delayed gastric emptying.  He is prescribed Prevacid 15 mg solutab every day.  Every now and then I hear a "vurp" and see the grimace.  Most of the reflux, even before the diagnosis, was silent until he turned purple then blue.  The vomiting and choking and changing colors has abated with the switch from breast-milk to feeding tube formula by mouth.  I'm afraid of the weak bones I keep reading everywhere.  Is the risk reduced if I were to give him his does every other day?  Is there any "left over" effects of a dose?  (For example, I recently lost my medical coverage.  I have severe asthma.  I'm prescribed 2 doses of Advair a day to stop any asthma symptoms.  To space out my Rx to reduce cost, I've found out if I take my doses one puff every 2 days,  instead of the prescribed 4 doses in the same period, I'm generally symptom free.  Beyond that, the asthma rares it's ugly head.) My son has insurance.  I'm asking this to reduce the bone weakness issue.  Once the Prevacid is stopped, can he "rebuild" his bone strength?  I don't want my son to hurt, but I also don't want to cause him to have weak bones for life.  Last question.  Will using the Prevacid reduce the risk of Barrett's esophagus?

Thanks for taking the time to read my question:)
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