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Back pain/shortness of breath with GERD

I'm 30 years old.  I've been diagnosed with GERD and small segment Barrett's.  After I run for 2 or 3 miles, I'm getting an aching pain in my back when I breath in deeply.  The pain goes away after I stop running.  I've had a chest x-ray which came back clean and am thinking of asking for a CT or low-dose CT scan (maybe PET).  I have relatively bad hoarseness which has continued to get worse even after roughly 10 months of treating the GERD with 20-mg of Prilosec, twice daily.  My hoarseness is not worse in the morning, as is more typical with reflux, but rather, is better in the morning (or maybe it's just that I've been resting my vocal chords).  My chest occasionally hurts when I speak for extended periods of time.

Is it possible/likely that GERD is the cause of the back pain when inhaling deeply?  I've had no notable back injuries that I can recall, but admittedly, my posture isn't always the best.  I'm told that back pain on breathing is most typically related to muscular issues (although other causes exist).
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  Hi...could u possibly have post nasal drip that is more active when u r
upright?....Mayb u need to have this checked as PND can cause GERD issues....and that can also affect ur lungs.

Talk to ur Dr about these possibilities

  Post an update

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