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Bad breath!! Lump in throat

Hi everyone. Totally new to this site but im at my wits end and this problem in ruining my life. It all started in March 2014 when my neck lymph nodes swelled up really badly and I had a very mild cold with mild fever but I had a sore throat for about 8 weeks!! 3 doctors said it was viral and nothing to worry about. I did however notice a tonsil stone in the back of my throat. For the next 7 months I put up with a constant lump in my throat feeling, like a golf ball near my adams apple until december 2014 when I went to an ENT. Bloods fine etc. He removed my tonsil stone and said I had GERD. Took the prescribed 15mg of Lansoprazole per day, no difference to me at all, if anything I felt it made my breath worse. In Febuary 2015 I push around my tonsils and pushed out 5 tonsil stones. I finally won my battle and had a tonsillectomy in July 2015. I was so relieved. However approx 7 weeks post surgery and my lump has returned in my throat and I can feel my bad breath. Its not all the time. Particuarly around 2-4pm. I know thats very particular. I can feel my mouth emitting the odour, it rarely feels fresh!!! I have NO symptoms of GERD apart from a lump. No heartburn etc. i do however have some co-amoxiclav that If i take, my mouth feels much fresher almost instantly after taking. But wears off after a couple of hours. Im just not convinced that GERD is my problem. One thing to add is that Ive always had a terrible stomach, I can go to the toilet about 5 times a day and its rarley good quality with he must pugent smell. Dont know if this is related. I feel I always need something in my mouth IE chewing gum, food, a sweet just anything to make my mouth feel normal/fresher. Without anything in there it feels mank and like im admitting an odour. So sorry to go on but any advice please help. Dentist said teeth are fine btw. Thank you for reading.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Chewing gum can be helpful to break down those acids.....may I ask, is your mouth dry?

The lump in the throat could be Silent Reflux or LPR.....

The drugs used during surgery could also have caused your symptoms to flare.....

Try elevating the head of your bed and ask your Dr about a PH test to see if your acid levels are high or low.....

Hope something here helps...
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Hi there,

After all the medication and procedures I think you should add a daily Pro biotic.

I don't really believe in LPR or silent reflux. I agree with Selma that you should ask for a 24hr PH impedance study (a bit more accurate than just the PH study) and see what types of reflux you get.  The Impedance study measure ANY type of reflux and not just acid.

All the best and keep us updated and we are here for you.
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