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Barrett's and uncommon GERD


I was diagnosed with Gerd almost 15 years ago and I've had maybe two or three flareups over the years. I'm going in for an endoscopy next week and have been stressing a bit about Barrett's esophagus (cuz that's what I do).

The things that's always seemed strange to me is that I really don't get heartburn. I just have a burning stomach that's kinda there all the time during my flare ups, but most of the time only comes on after I've had too much coffee or some other thing I shouldn't be doing.

Also, when I get reflux, which is almost every time I eat regardless of flareups, it's not the common acidic/bitter taste that most people talk about. It's basically just the food that I've just eaten coming up. It doesn't burn.

So those two things always seemed strange to me. No heartburn (which I understand is no too uncommon), and the non-burning, non-bitter, reflux.

Since Barrett's is associated with acid coming up, I wonder if that's a big danger given my symptoms?

Any thoughts?

thanks so much in advance,
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Though the commonest symptom of GERD is heartburn sometimes it may not be present.
Moreover if you are on any medications like PPI you may not have the symptoms.
24 hours pH monitoring test may be done for confirmation of GERD.
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This is Michael

Forgot to mention that I am a 37 yr old male. Otherwise good health, though over weight.

thanks again
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