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Bed Time Nausea

I'm 31, male, 5'6" 141 lbs. No allergies or known medical conditions.

For the past couple months I have been experiencing feelings of nausea at night time for no apparent reason. I will go to bed and wake up 15-30 minutes later feeling nauseous but not vomit or I will just be sitting on the couch or right when I lie down in bed the nausea will come on.
I do not have heart burn or gas and it occurrs regardless of what or when I've ate. It also occurrs if I have not eaten for a few hours.
In the past I had an acid reflux problem where I would drink anything carbonated and would gag right away but that was over 5 years ago.
Also some days I have no appetite at all. I can't even eat crackers or fuits but I know I need to eat. And the more I try to force myself to eat the more put off from teh food I become.

Some days I eat 2 meals others I eat more or less. I do drink coffee everyday and often do'nt get enough water or juice.
The nausea is coming from the base of my sternum right under my zyphoid process. IS this my stomach, or lower down in my digestive tract?

I am going for a physical June 15th to try and find out if there is anything that stands out.  
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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Well I will start by saying coffee is on the foods to avoid list as it is very acidic.

I would take OTC meds until u see ur dr to help curtail some of the excess acid...and try to elevate the head of ur bed...and avoid the foods that trigger excess acid. For ur convience there r lists available on our Health Pages...see the icon top right of this screen or access it thru the welcome message at the top of this forum.

I know this can be a very frustrating condition it sneaks up on u just when u felt u had it licked.....

I hope u continue to post ur questions and concerns and share ur GERD experiences with us.

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