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Best Medication for Heartburn?

Hi everyone,
Over the past year, my doctor has given me a variety of medications. I've tried antiacids like tums. I've also tried PPI's and H2 Blockers like Tagament, Famotidine, Prevacid, Nexium, and Dexilant. Unfortunately, all to no relief. I'm at the end of the rope with these medications.
I've changed my diet, and lost weight. I don't smoke or drink. Yet my heartburn is seemingly chronic. For me, it's chest pains after a meal (no matter how small). On a good day I only have this constant feeling of needing to burp.
I'd greatly appreciate any medication recommendations, or any advice!
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  Have you been tested for low acids....low acid can cause the same/similar symptoms as too much....reducing acid then can make one feel worse.....

Any change in weight  be it a gain or loss can affect reflux....

Do see your Dr and ask about a PH test to see if you have high or low levels of acids.

Keep us posted on your progress
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