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Bloating, Nausea, Indigestion

Around November 5, I developed a dry cough for about one week that slowly began to produce yellow phlegm in my throat that I would cough up after eating. Eventually my nose became congested and I experienced a lot of post-nasal drip that worsened at night and after eating.My family doctor prescribed a 10 day dose of amoxicillin (3 X 500mg each day) which was ineffective. By the 4th day of taking the amoxicillin, the mucus thickened, so I decided to try spicy food and garlic to combat the phlegm but it did not help, and gave me burning indigestion inferior to my sternum. On that same day, I revisited the walk in clinic, and another doctor put me on a corticosteroid, fluticasone (2 sprays in each nostril, twice a day), and I continued on the amoxicillin for the remainder of my 10 day prescription. The congestion in my nose then cleared up, but the thick mucus persisted. Furthermore, I occasionally noticed that I would get indigestion (burning and gnawing sensation inferior to the sternum) very soon after eating (sometimes immediately), followed by excessive belching.
Following the completion of the amoxicillin on November 30, my GI symptoms started becoming more consistent after meals (especially belching), and I began experiencing nightime nausea (temporarily relieved by belching). I visited the walk-in clinic again, and was prescribed the proton pump inhibitor, Aciphex (once a day). I took the Aciphex for 11 days, and although the nightime nausea was slightly reduced, the other GI symptoms continued. Taking Maalox, helps somewhat.
An ER doctor felt no abdominal abnormalities; I tested neg for H. Pylori via blood test; tested normal liver and pancreas function (bilirubin, ALP, AST, ALT, lipase). Was put on omeprazole. I have been taking the PPI for 3 weeks but still suffer from nausea and bloating/belching (both immediately after eating and hours later). My appetite is normal;weight has not changed my pee and defaction are normal, I am not vomiting. Any insight?
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If the symptoms are persisting in spite of taking PPI then evaluation has to be done with endoscopy and  24 hours pH monitoring test.
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I have the same problems.  I could have written that post.  Would love some suggestions for help.
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