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Burping more than usual??

Recently my dad has been burping more than normal. He has always burped a lot, but I don't understand how he just burps randomly without having just eaten or drank anything. It worries me immensely because I was looking online and found that people with cancer burp a lot. I found that one person said that her dad had been burping more than normal before he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. My dad doesn't complain about the burping, it's just something that I have noticed. He gets a little bit of heartburn after eating certain foods, and he clears his throat a lot when he's laying down in bed at nighttime. He doesn't experience any pain, but is this a symptom of anything serious? I was even looking at the symptoms for lung cancer and they said online that constantly clearing throat and burping is a symptom of it. I am really worried, even though my dad says he doesn't have any pain at all and burping/clearing throat doesn't bother him. Is this something to be worried about? I wish he would go to the doctor but he says it's ridiculous to go to the doctor for burping and clearing throat. He says that sometimes he clears his throat out of habit as well. Please help me!! Should I be concerned?

Also, what is "excessive burping"? He burps about 2-5 times an hour or two hours (just an estimate). Is this excessive or is it excessive if you are constantly doing it?
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Hi there,
Burping was one of my main symptoms - I counted 20 burps in 4 hours last week. Also have pain in upper abdomen and acid feeling in stomach. I am booked in for some tests, but the doctor didn't mention cancer. He mentioned GERD, bile reflux from leaky bile ducts (I had my gall bladder removed 4 years ago), and stomach or duodenal ulcer as possible causes.
Someone might correct me on this, but I think all of these things can cause burping, although I'm sorry I can't help you with the throat problem.
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Thanks for the reply. My dad doesn't get any pain anywhere at all. I might have exaggerated, I don't think be burps 2-5 times an hour, he probably burps like 20 times a day. It just seems like a lot to me because, well, I never burp at all. I just feel like he does it excessively but I don't really know how much is too much burping, and when you should see a doctor for it. I was looking online and all of these people said that they noticed they were burping/clearing their throat a lot before they were diagnosed with cancer and it made me really worried.
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Hi I'm having lately same problems no pain a lot of burping and clearing my throat with headache I'm 45 thought is me getting old now you worried me hope is not cancer my son is just 8. Hope I get some positives answers
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