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Can GERD Pain radiate?

I have asthma and sinusitis (recently exacerbated), am about 40 pounds overweight, and am occasionally (1-2X per week) aware of heartburn (e.g. burping acid into throat).  For the last month or so I've had increasing dull chest pain on the right side (next to my breastbone), sometimes extending up to my jaw, sometimes to my upper arm, shoulder and back.  I have no cardiac symptoms (no hypertension, palpitations), and the pain occurs without apparent immediate cause (not exercise-induced).  My regular physician says he doesn't think it's cardiac, since I have none of the usual risk factors or indications.
Could this be GERD pain?
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I am not a medical proffessional so this is just life experience speaking as well as some google research.

I strongly suggest u have ur heart and caroid arteries checked. I did for the same reasons ...mine did have heart palps and my heart is fine...but is is a good thing to have off ur mind( and in ur file as a reference point).

It is highly possible u have several things going on.

May I ask...other than ur dr did not THINK it was ur heart...what did he do for u?

I would suggest u have ur thyroid check and a good GI exam.

In the mean time please read the health pages lifestyle changes that may lessen the acid production...OTC meds may help until ur dr makes a dx and u r on treatment.

Health pages link ins in the welcome message at the top of this page and the icon is top right.

Please keep us posted on ur progress
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