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Can GERD cause a sore mouth as well as sore throat?

I have GERD and realized finally that my chronic sore throat was actually from the acid backing up when sleeping. Can a sore mouth be attributed to this as well? I frequently have an extremely sore tongue, cheeks and never connected it to GERD. Someone stated they brushed their teeth with baking soda and it helped, so I tried this and then rinse with it to neutralize and acid that might be causing this. It is better. Could this be what is happening? I don't wake up, so how could this happen without me knowing it?
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HI and welcome to the GERD forum.

yes, it is possible if the acids r reaching ur mouth....and it is possible that u can affect the sound of ur voice too with it coming up like this.

Do elevate the head of ur bed by at least 6 "s......do not eat for at least 3 to 4 hrs prior to lying down (not just going to sleep).....watch ur diet, avoid spicy foods,carbonated bevs,and nething that triggers ur reflux. Keep a journal to help u find which foods they r for u.

See a GI dr to find out the root cause of ur issue.....

  The reason u r not aware, is this can happen as u sleep...bcuz ur LES may not be closing and it then allows the acids to move back up into the esophagus where u do not want it.....many times dairy products can slow an already slow LES....so try to avoid dairy later in the day.And sleeping with the bed inclined will allow gravity to help keep the acid down where it belongs.

Good luck and do post an update on ur progress : )

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Selma as usual gives great advice.  I'll back up her comments that acid backup simply destroyed my vocal cords and caused erosion of my tooth enamal in a very short period of time, and resulted in a surgery to stop the problem.  Brushing with baking soda is a stop-gap issue, you would have to do it all night long, Selma's suggestion is simpler.  I'd add to stay close to your doctor, and mix in the suggested drugs to control the acid, and take them as directed.  That's very important.  
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Have really bad GERD, the problem is so hard to solve, tried so many Meds but nothing seems to work. Any ideas would be great.The sad thing is so many people are suffering from this problem. any help please e-mail me Kevinf_best***@****
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Hi there,

As you can see the email-option is not going to work.

Tell us more about what you have tried, what tests you had done so far and maybe we can help you here, on the Forum.
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How bad can mouth soreness get before I should consider attributing it to something else? I was diagnosed with bad gerd and tonsilitis on the same day, so needless to say I've been feeling pretty crappy as of late; but I'm on all sorts of meds now. However, my gums are so sore I cant even use a brush on my teeth, half of my lower lip is covered in sores, my tongue has a little blister, and the inside of my lip has like 6 little sores on it. The inside of my whole mouth just feels terrible. The gum soreness began before I got medications, but now, as most of my tonsilitis and gerd symptoms seem to be decreasing, my mouth is getting worse. It wakes me up at night and I have to spray numbing chemicals all over my mouth s I can go back to sleep. Can acid be doing this much damage, or could I have yet another problem? Please offer any insight or ideas. This really *****.
I am having almost the same exact situation.  Everything is better now exempt for the sores on my lips.  Did you ever figure it out?
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