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Can Iodine suppliments recreate stomach acid?

I'm reading extensively on malabsorption since I have achlorhydria that seems severe, and I'm in process of getting multiple blood tests done by a naturopathic specialist in gastro problems. I've just started to take iodine and I understand it's one of those things you absolutely need for your body to be capable of making stomach acid. Then are there documented cases where people's stomach's have started to make acid again once their iodine deficiency was fully corrected?
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Hi..this all is very interesting, but I do caution neone from starting a treatment like this until they had blood work to be sure what they were deficient in and make sure they do not have a thyroid issue that the supplement may affect.

I would love to learn more about this ...so please keep us posted on ur progress with this treatment.

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Iodine didn't help me, it caused my immune system to further drive up antibody levels to attach my thyroid and try to kill it even faster! The naturopath's got upset and understood it was the problem. My levels got better after I quit iodine altogether and we upped my throid meds. a fair amount. (No stomach change to date)
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  Thanks for the update : )
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