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Can a hernia by the belly button cause GERD?

I thought I had a hiatal hernia but it's actually by my belly button, I am always pushing it back in. (is that ok to do?)
Anyways, I have had some issues with my tongue and ear congestion and sinus pressure in head and bridge of nose. i am taking Zyrtec D but not seeing much help. I eat small meals and belch often afterwards. Even after snacks or a few drinks no matter what I'm drinking. I do get a bloated feeling in the evenings. My tongue is worse in the evenings, feeling like sandpaper and sticky and almost as if it swells up in my throat after I eat anything. It also gets a yellow coating on it that gets worse as the day goes on too. It's always worse in the evenings. My doc has me taking prilosec twice a day so it's a total of 40 mg. I don't get heart burn though. So I'm not sure what is going on. But THREE Doctors have said it is NOT thrush.
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