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Can my Acidity be due to cocaine use ? Help


Let me all brief you about the history of my problem. I am 29 and i am a little overweight,i was into smoking pot regularly for a good five years before i started having nerve issues and i eventually gave up the habit in august last year and have been clean ever since. However,i am an extremist and when i get on to something,it just becomes an addiction,i have a close friend who is a cocaine addict and uses it almost everyday,i started as a recreational user and used to do it once a week or once in two weeks and then be off it for a few months,i would not call myself as an addict because i cannot afford this habit all the time anyways but it is because of my friend that i end up doing it often,the usage has increased to almost 3 times a week since the past few months,before that it was less.

On saturday night i had a few drinks and did some lines and after that sunday i ate some spicy chicken rolls,ever since then i have been having bad acid reflux and heartburn every time i eat something,i don't get a specific pain anywhere in the stomach or something but the part near my right shoulder,hard to explain its the right side of chest,from below the armpit lining the shoulder that is hurting,the acid reflux has been going on for a few days now and it happens everytime i eat anything,i anyways have a junk diet and the cocaine use is not helping,so i have decided to kick this habit for good and would not even use it for recreational purpose anymore as it is not worth it,i quit smoking pot because of health issues so i can leave this also,i want to know what could my condition be ? is it because of the rolls so its indigestion or its something else.

Any help and advice would be appreciated


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Sounds like you need to offset the acid in your system. whatever the cause we need to keep acid levels down to a Ph. of 7.4. What I do is take Bicarbonate of Soda when I have acid indigestion. You can also try a small amount of fresh squeezed lemon juice. I know this sounds crazy but it works.
Keep up the good work on giving up drug use. Cocaine does terrible things to our bodies. I gave up this drug many years ago and i'm happier for it.
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Thank you for your response,appreciate it,i had posted the same below and have given the entire history of the problems i have faced,if you find time do go through it,thank you

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Not that this is right. I did some heroin and a friend of mine had some coke in it. I thought I  was dying. It's crazy how bad the burning in my throat was with this weird taste never again.
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