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Can this trigger GERD?

Three days ago I choked on a piece of cooked macaroni. It felt like it was stuck in my windpipe and, while I could still get air, it was difficult to get full breaths. I ended up coughing nonstop for 30-45 mins. I was able to see the doctor shortly after that, and he said my lungs sounded fine and my throat looked just 'okay'. Since then, I've had coughing spells. It's hard for me to swallow, feels like there's a lump in my throat. I also feel pressure in my upper abdomen, and I know that I am breathing, yet I sometimes get the sensation that I can't get a full breath. Not that I did a self-diagnosis, but it seems the symptoms I've been experience coincide with GERD. Is it possible that the choking incident I had a few days back could have triggered GERD?
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Choking does not trigger GERD.
Feeling of lump in thye throat can occur in GERd though there are few other causes as well.
since you have mentioned that you have problem with swallowing I would suggest an upper GI endoscopy be done for evaluation.
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