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I have been sufferring with really bad GERD lately with attacks of ringing ears, heart pulpitations,  dizziness, stiff neck, headache, aching joints and tiredness.
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HI and welcome to the Gerd forum.

It is possible to go thru what I call flares where the gerd is worse than at other times......U did not mention if u r on meds or if u were seen by a GI dr.

U really should not self medicate and should have a dr oversee ur care....in the meantime u can take some OTC meds and watch ur diet.

We have a section called Health Pages which has a list of foods to avoid and foods that r safe for people with gerd. U will have to see what is better for u ....some on the safe list may not be good for u.

keep us posted on ur progress

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Thanks very much. Will read up and give it a try.
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