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Chest/Esophagus flutters?

I'm 19 and suffer from Anxiety, a panic disorder and mild Agraphobia. I've had GERD in the past badly brought on by Gastritis from Ibuprofen and still get the occasional Acid Reflux.
I wasn't sure where to post this. In the last few days i've started to get flutters in the middle of my chest more to the right (above my heart) that feel like a rolled up piece of paper is being scrunched in my chest or a butterfly trying to move around and it's uncomfortable. It doesn't hurt or anything but makes my Anxiety kick in, but i have noticed i get it when i am anxious already.
My Dad said it sounds like Esophagual spasms, could it be?
Can Anxiety do this to me?
I'm really worried. x
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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

I am sorry, not sure, but would suggest u see ur dr.

Sometimes if the vagus nerve is compressed it can cause these feelings also.
Plus, different foods can slow the function of the LES down and then it allows the acid to reflux.....

Anxiety can deff affect all aspects of our body and how we feel....

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Hi LadyDee I have had anxity ever since I can remember, But ofcourse I didn't understand it, anyway's Your gut feeling is Panic, and I believe what yr getting can be a panic attack, I could be wrong, I Have had many different panic attack's, I think if your concern I would tell your Doctor. Tell him what happened n how it felt, and how often, Best wishes to you.
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I know how you feel!  I am also 19, and have had the same fluttery kick-spasms in my chest since February, at least once a day.
I have a feeling it has something to do with stress and/or the vagus nerve.  Being a mega hypochondriac, i googled it more times than i can count!  Mine started when my dad came back into my life after being separated from him since i was 6.  Then i found out it was my mom who was holding us for ransom.  I've never had panic attacks until then, and I'm a guy too :(

Mine are wierd, though.  They can come on their own without warning, or they can do what they normally do, which is to happen at the very end of an exhale.  They feel just like an irregular heartbeat, but more like a THUD.  Almost as if someone is snapping a rubber band against the interior of my chest!  I can make them happen on command by breathing a certain way, but only when i get bloated after a meal.

Like today for example:

-I bought a small tub of animal crackers (organic, since my dad doesn't allow MSG in the house)

-I ate 3/4 of said tub of animal crackers.

-A half hour later, my heart rate increases, and i get the all too familiar gassy bloated feeling.  The gas feels like it starts to build up at the top of my stomach.  

-I take a deep breath, then exxxhhaaalllleeeeeeee*THUD*   Right on cue.

No idea what the cause is... If the vagus nerve is in close proximity to the LES, and gas/acid is flowing through it and irritating it, causing a benign PVC and/or esophagus spasm, then I guess the only way to correct it would be to change your diet and get your electrolytes/alkalinity checked..
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Could be a couple of things.  I'm 54 yrs with GERD.  I had the panic attacks 16 yrs ago before surgery (Nessen fundplication wrap).  Never had another panic attack until 6 weeks ago when my GERD symptoms re-appeared.  My wrap isn't keeping the acid down anymore.  I went to a psychiatrist 16 yrs ago and he determined it was the physical condition causing me anxiety, stress, and panic attacks and not stress or anxiety causing reflux or the panic attacks.  So....it might be reflux because I also get chest spasms and tightness where I feel like its hard to breath.  
Another possibility is a heart murmur.  I have one and it also cause my chest to feel flutters.  Get an EKG and an ultra sound for that one.  I think there is a physical reason for your anxiousness and panic.  Start with the heart murmur because it easliy seen then GERD test.  You might need surgery like me because I just couldn't live with the symptoms.  Best of Luck!
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