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Chest Pain/Discomfort

Ok, so I had indigestion on friday (10th april) with a bloated feeling in my stomach and a burning in my chest.
At the moment now (12th april) I have been feeling bloated for the past hour or so, I also have a slight burning/discomfort in my chest, just next to where my heart is. The pain is also slightly stabby. I was given Gaviscon by a doctor on Friday for the indigestion and I took some just after tea. However There is still a burning/stabbing pain in my chest, and it moved form my ribs earlier. Also sometimes It feels like I have something wet at the back of my throat that isn't saliva.
I must say Im worrying a lot about it, and Im also recovering from a particularly nasty dry throat, which I worried a lot about aswell. I am scared partly because heartburn is sometimes confused with Myocardial Infarction, and also because chest pain can also mean a possible Aortic Dissection. I know that it is probably silly to think this but I just cant get it out of my head. At the end of writing this the pain has softened to a discomfort in my chest, in the same place.

I am 15 years old.

Please help.
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Stress and worry definitely do not help it. A pharmacist told me today to try Gaviscon (liquid) for quick relief and OTC Prilosec, for 2 weeks......to see if my GERD symptoms get better. Good luck!
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Stickiness in the throat, heartburn all point towatds to GERD.
Myocardial infarction is a rare entity at 15 years of age.
Aortic dissetion is an emergency and its presentation is different.
Consider taking PPI.
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I must add to this, by discomfort Im referring to a feeling of something being stuck and I can feel it more when I burp. I have to admit I am stressing about this and Im also wondering If someof this has been brought on by a combination of worry and stress.
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