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Chest Pain

Hi ,
I have Chest pain from over a month now ,had done ECG,TMT Stress test & ECHO and it was normal.
Was directed  for gastroscopy and there was ' Oesophagitis grade A'...and was given NEXIUM

I checked with another physician who told me its Costocondritis(?) ...

When its started a  month back i had needle sharp pain followed by continuous Burping and Ice cold sensation in the chest ,i was given pain killer and it subsided for a while and then returned only as a dull pain ,

At present i feel this dull pain in the chest,doctor pressed it on the chest bone and it hurted so he told me its Costocondritis....
At present I have dull Chest pain ,which with little exertion becomes worse,have back pain and stuck gas/air in the chest area...during these times i had experiences lower abdomen pain too(but stones were ruled out in test)..have pain below the right rib cage too...

I want to ask if there could be even something else or what tests should i do to check for any other conditions...
So far my chest X-ray,Ultrasound is clear...what cud be the reason for prolonged sickness.

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It appears that you have symptoms of both acid reflux and costochondritis.
Take tylenol for costochondritis and PPI for acid reflux.
Acid reflux can be confirmed with 24 hours pH monitoring test.
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Dear Dr Ratnakar,

Thanks for your answer,given the above symtoms i must also add that from past few days I'm having;

1) Burning sensation/cold sensation in my right thigh(front) ..feels like bubble contracting and expanding..happens may times a day now

this cold sensation is similiar to what i use to have in chest few days back

2) Feeling of vomiting and headache

I am still on Nexium ,however my doc has prescribed a 10 day course for TAVANIC(anti-biotic),FASIGYN(Tinidazole) and a Gastro tablet

My chest pain is better though..

Can you please advise

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