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I've posted so much stuff about this but I only had one reply ... I have chest pains everyday and its been going in for 3-4 months now but I've had EKG's blood tests chest x-ray and everything came back just fine. But I still get them constantly.. And they last all day long..
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

It may be u had  some information that confused some members as to what might be going on.....I see there r 2 replies at this time....

Have u been tested for GERD? It can cause chest pains, and can continue for some time especially if u r under stress and have not modified ur diet and lifestyle as they can cause the GERD to flare even more.

Do see the Health Pages for foods to avoid as well as lifestyle tips u  can try until u see a GI dr.
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i caan tell you everything that goes on with me everyday well most of the times it feels like i have pressure on my chest and i cant take  a ddeep breath and i constantly am tired even if i get 8 or more hours of sleep im still so tired and my chest pains hurts sometimmes when i move and  sometimes if im just laying down it doesnt matter what i do i still have it my whole body hurts evry single day and i dont do anything butu lay there bc im so tired and i dont know why my head has been hurting constantly sometimes it feels like the room is spinning even when im lying down i was on birth control about 4 months ago becasue i just had a baby almost 4 months ago i didnt take yaz o any of that stuff but it seemed like after i took it i had to stop bc it make me sick as a dog but then ii think 1 month later is when the chest pains and everything started happening i get short of breath now to i would say more but its getting too long and this pain is every single day
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and f i even smoke 2 hits off of a cigarrette it makes it worse im about to be 18 years old in a month and this is getting old i just want to go back to being pain free like i was 4 months ago i dont even feel like myself anymore i am allways ill to im so tired even though i sleep most of the day with  my daughter i barely eat only time i eat is at dinner time and thats it.. i get dizzy if im sitting in a chair like right now i feel dizzy and tired af. but idk whats wrong i constantly get headache and everything
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  Smoking will make u feel worse if u have GERD...u need to stop smoking it is on the list of things to avoid....there is food too, as well as bevs...life style tips....

U need to eat that is another part of ur problem...ur body produces acid when u r hungry preparing to digest food, if u do not eat, the acid builds up...regardless if u feel hungry ur body needs fuel.

Eat several small meals instead of 3 larger meals....

U have a HS and feel dizzy from not eating properly.

Have u talked to ur Dr ...Yaz is one med that has caused some issues...do talk to ur OBGYN and see if it could be from the med.

But get up and eat.But eat good foods, look at the list of foods to avoid while u r having these issues. http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Gastroenterology/Foods-to-Avoid--Eating-Behaviors-for-Acid-Reflux-Heartburn--GERD-Sufferers/show/151?cid=236
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thank you and i i try to eat as much as i can but thats not very often..
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could that be something else because everytime i put ice on my chest it seems to help a little bit and it helps me take a deep breath
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  It could be something else....but u need to eat, regardless what it is u need strength and energy to get better.
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i have been eating now lol
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  Glad to hear it...just avoid foods and bevs that make u feel bad afterward...keep a journal to help u eliminate food and help ur Dr figure out what may be the issue.

Keep us posted : )
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i try to type it in on google but it keeps showing up stuff i didnt even type in the pain is on the left side of my chest on the left side of my breast its like it starts for just a few seconds then goes away.. its like a neddle pain i guess but i get it on the left side towards my arm and sometimes its under my left breast and on top of it do u know what it could be ?
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the pain is beside my left breast when i lay my daughter on my chest it hurts on my left side towards my arm.. i also get the bad headaches that are like on the left and right side of the back of my head and it feels like its on my neck too ? i was diagnosed with chronic headaches and migraines tho but the pain in my chest occurs too when i lay my daughter on my chest it is also on the right side of my right breast too now..
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  How old is ur DD?...Were u breast feeding her? I am only guessing but could it be something to do with breast feeding or a result of not doing it....something u should try asking ur OBGYN about and see if it could be related.....

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