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Chronic nausea

I was diagnosed with GERD two years ago.  My main symptom was nausea with the burning and pain.  I had the nissen in Dec 09 which failed, had a redo in May 2010.  I had all of the usual tests (EGD, manometry, bravo, barium swallow.  Also had CT and MRI) except the gastric emptying test.  I'm still having horrible nausea even after two nissens.  I've had an EGD and barium swallow since my last nissen and they came up normal with wrap still intact.  I've tried zofran, phenegran, reglan, OTC antinausea and nothing helps.  I have not vomited from it but have come very close.  There are times when these episodes last hours where it is almost unbearable.  I have been confined to the house just in case I do have an episode.  I am nauseous all day long no matter if I eat or not, what I eat or drink doesn't matter either.  My GI and my gastric surgeon are both at a loss and have basically given up.  I've had numerous bloodwork done, gall bladder ultrasound and HIDA scan which were normal.  This is starting to be debilitating.  Is there something else this can be?  Any tests I can suggest to my dr?  
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Hi were u tested for H,.Pylori?

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Yes I was tested and treated for H. Pylori in the early beginning.  
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I would seriously check into food sensitivities for some of this:  
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I have the exact same problem!  I wish I knew what to do too!  The nausea can ruin any occasion, and it seems to come and go at will!
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I know what you mean.  I can eat or not eat and it still happens.  It's like a horrible case of motion sickness for no reason.  I go back to my GI tomorrow so I'll see what she thinks but she hasn't been much help lately.  I haven't found anything that triggers it but it makes it really hard to function normally.  

I don't think it's food sensitivities because it happens even if I don't eat or drink anything.  I was thinking it could be from the acid coming up but I can feel when that happens.  
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I actually do know what you mean, because that still happens to me, but there are certain foods that definitely always cause the problems.  Others only cause the problems part of the time.  And, the nausea is a problem with GERD.  I've had GERD for most of my life, too.  Food sensitivities play a bigger role for me than I thought they did.  You see, the thing with some food sensitivities is that there is also a delayed reaction, which in turn can create a bit of confusion.

FYI, as it goes with the territory, even if you're not experiencing symptoms that would indicate issues with the gallbladder, I would get that checked out.  I'm having issues in this area and am going to see the GI again myself.  If the ultrasound doesn't show anything, that's not good enough.  The ultrasound didn't show anything with me either.  I'm now going to have to insist that they do a HIDA scan, which may be like pulling teeth, because I don't know what their protocol is going to be, since insurance carriers are so crazy about what they will cover and what they won't cover and which test has to come first and so on.  Insurance carriers can be so maddening.

I brought that up, because nausea can also be an issue caused by problems with the gallbladder, along with many other symptoms.  Even if there is no pain in the area.  I have problems with both the upper and the lower GI tract, so that's why I say this.  It's kind of complicated, since you're talking about GERD, which is in the upper GI.  Conventional medicine compartmentalizes everything, but it's all connected, so it wouldn't hurt to check out the gallbladder area.
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