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Coming of lansoprazole

Hi all,
I suffer from GERD, most probably from having a purging disorder. I was put on omeprazole and was taking that for a few months. I later fell pregnant but the morning sickness triggered of the reflux so I was changed to lanoprazole. I am aware it is a class b drug and not advised during pregnancy. I am easing myself down to 15mg a day rather then30mg as my acid flare ups are now few and far between, they also don't last the 24+hours that they used to.
Once my body is used to the 15mg how do I ease myself of the medication without causing a acid reflux flare?
I hope someone can help.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Congratulations on ur pregnancy !

Well continue to slowly step off the meds....and make sure u r avoiding foods that will trigger a flare...keep in mind being pregnant alone is cause for a flare....it goes along with the territory....so be patient and eat crackers instead of taking the med....this is as u r cutting back for those inbtwn med flares....

I had this issue while pregnant and always had saltines with me.

Hope this helps.
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If it doesn't work, and you are not able to get off the meds, don't worry about it too much---I think I took PPis through several of my pregnancies without any problem.
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Did you children have any adverse effect to the meds?
Unfortunately I don't have a food trigger, it can happen with any food.
Thanks for your replies :-)
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  It may be u r in a flare and that is y u  do not know individual triggers, but u should avoid certain foods, greasy, acidic, spicy, and carbonated bevs....and caffeine.....so coffee and some teas.

I had it so bad one time I got the reflux from water, but that is bcuz everything was so upset, and u have to stick to the modification of ur diet and lifestyle to help calm it down....
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My children did not have any adverse effects from the medication.    I don't really have any specific food triggers, either.  I have severe reflux and eosinophilic esophagitis.   I quite often sleep in my recliner.
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