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Constant Burping/GERD/Dyspepsia?? HELP!

Hello forum.  I am new here and I'm hoping someone willl be able to point me in the right direction. I am using this as somewhat as a last resort so I'm hoping for some responses; even a short response will be greatly appreciated.

For months now I have been steadily having a couple of gastric issues that I never had before in my life. I am thirty years of age and have been healthy all my life. It started with a feeling of trapped air in my throat. The sensation would not go away until I managed to force up a burp. Then the feeling would momentarily subside and then immediately return. For weeks I had this. Then it progressed to a constant burping over and over again. This would accompany pressure on my chest and some slight regurgitation as well as some slight heartburn.

When this became unbareable I went to a GI. I ended up getting a upper endoscopy and he took a biopsy of my stomach. According to him, everything came back fine. This reduced my worrying for the time being. But recently the symptoms have become worse. I have made another appointment to see this doctor.

At this point I am very worried that this could be something major. I am hoping and praying that it is not. Can anyone shed some light on this? I guess I am more worried because my grandmother passed from pancreatic cancer. I don't wont to think of this thought but I cannot seem to figure out what's wrong with me. Has anyone had this?
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Cancer that you are worried about is something your Drs would find given you gave them your family history and they did a careful exam....

GERD and reflux of left untreated can develop into a cancer....and continue to plague us with symptoms....being worried and stressed can add to these symptoms.

For relief you need to pay close attention to your diet and lifestyle...along with taking any meds that are RX'd exactly how the Dr instructs.....
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Thank you for your reply.

I have considered that my biggest fear might not be something to be concerned about solely because the upper endoscopy and the stomach biopsy came back fine. Additionally, I have also concluded that my worried state could be causing the conditions to worsen. The doctors even recommended for me to attend a mortality study.

One thing is for sure, my symptoms are very real. I will be keeping this post updated with my findings as I undergo more research and testing. Currently I have refrained from coffee consumption for the past three days. The symptoms still exist but are not as servere. It also appears that my appetite has decreased and I'm more tired than I usually am. This could be  caffeine withdrawal so Im going to wait a couple of days and report out again.
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  I am glad you are attempting to remove coffee from your diet...and it may take time to see the benefits....

As with any condition they tend to build over time and many times we want and expect them to go after taking a pill....it can be more involved then that ...so have patience.

Good luck and I look forward to updates.
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Hello all. Although I have only gotten one response, I will continue to update this forum on my condition with the hope that it might help someone else experiencing this problem.

Tomorrow makes it about  a week now since I've started deleting things from my diet in an effort to pinpoint what my possible triggers are.  For the last week I have stopped taking any of my supplements (fish oil, protein shakes, multi-vitamin, yohimbee, and tonalin). I have also stopped drinking coffee.

I noticed that my constant burping has slowed some but has not gone away. I also notice that I am getting headaches only after eating. I have also noticed that I am not eating as much.

I am very worried about this as it is really affecting my lifestyle. McCain anyone shed some light on this? Maybe give me a suggestion as to the next steps to take to target the problem?

Any feedback will greatly appreciated.
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  Since there was just a Holiday, that may be why the replies are light....I hope you get a few other suggestions.....

Keep in mind it can take time to see benefits of avoiding coffee and other possible triggers....

Patience and time....Hang in there
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Hello all. As I promised in my earlier post, I'm going to keep you guys updated on my findings as I search for a solution/diagnosis for my condition/symptoms.

Well since my previous post, I have been back to my Gastro. He reviewed my upper endoscopy and stomach biopsy again and said that he didn't see anything concerning to him. He recommended that I take another test/study. The name of the test escapes me at the moment but I will be glad to update you guys with the name later on. Basically the test is to see if my esophageal valve leaks, causing gases and fluid to travel back up the esophagus. He also seems to believe that my constant expulsion of gas is, for a lack of better term, a learn behanvior.

I would let you guys know any further information I come into. I would appreciate your feedback and comments.
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  A learned behavior? really?...hmmmm

Sounds like a motility type of testing to check the UES to see what is causing it to be weak or work when it shouldn't and vice versa....

Good luck....and thanks for the update.
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That's exactly what it is... Hoping that it could shed some light unto things.
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  Good luck with the testing and do let us know what you find out.
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