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Constant Croaking coming from the Throat.

Starting around 6 months ago, I would randomly get this croaking sound (like a frog) coming from my throat. It would happen around once a week. However, in the last 2 months, it has increased significantly, I now get it multiple times a day.The "croak" starts just above my clavicle and I can feel the vibrations as it travels up my throat until it reaches the back of my mouth. The noise is definitely not a burp, because my burps feel/sound completely different.

I don't have IBS [but my little sister does], so I'm thinking it may possible be a Re-flux problem. I'm  20 year old female. I am currently in college. I suffered from Anxiety for many years before I found a medication that worked around 3 years ago [I never got the intestinal symptoms with my anxiety, I got the feeling of intense pressure on my chest]. I don't have any food allergies. I haven't been seriously sick since August(ear infection w/ ruptured ear drum). I do have extremely low Iron levels but I've been taking 2 Iron supplements a day since I was in 8th grade, so I've been taking them for about 8 years and have never had  problem with them.

I get the "croaks" from when I wake up, to when I go to sleep. [I have seen other people talking about croaking noises only after meals]. I don't drink caffeinated liquids so I don't think that's causing a problem. I tend to eat meat, fruits and veggies over.
I went to my colleges Health Center and they thought I was lactose intolerant and to cut milk out of my diet, but I don't really agree with them. [I don't drink milk but I have been supplementing it will Calcium pills for  few years and its never caused me a problem before. I also have an Activia yogurt every other morning, and I have been doing that for a few years as well and never before had a problem.]

If anyone knows what could possible be causing this, or something to try to help make it stop, it would be greatly appreciated! It's getting really frustrating to sit in quiet classrooms or be taken seriously in an interview if I'm sounding like a frog. Also, would you consider this a Re-flux problem, or is it something else?


**I tallied the amount of times it made the croaking noise while writing this question (around 15min) - {lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lll} There was a total of 48. I feel like that's not normal. Am I right?, or am I just looking too much into this?**
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Since those at ur school medical center were not able to help u, u may want to look into seeing a Dr at home....do u head home for summer break?

If so, see about going to a Dr that u went to b4 u went off to school they will know ur families medical history as well as  urs and that may better help them figure this out....

Do keep us posted on what u find out as I have not heard of this issue b4.
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Acid reflux can damage vocal chords, and cause a person eventually to sound like Louis Armstrong or Kim Carnes, or me.  It can lead to problems, other than vocal issues, so I very definitely would check with an Gastroenterologist and start with an Endoscopy and see if acid is eroding your chords.  An ENT is also an excellent starting point.  The fact it happens at night suggests to me that acid may be migrating into your throat in the evening while you sleep.  That said, I'm not a health professional.  Do keep us informed!
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Thank you for responding! I went to my dads Gastroenterologist (he has Celiac disease) and they scheduled me for a scope in July. Until then, I was told to try and decrease the amount of Gluten in my diet, in case I have Celiac as well. I will also be getting the Celiac-marker-test (I can't remember the exact name) to see if I have Celiac gene.

I have been on a decreased gluten diet for 2 months now and while the croaking has decreased, it is still a common daily occurrence.

I will post more if I see any more significant results or after I get the results from my gene test or scope.
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  Glad u will be seeing a Dr for this...and I look forward to ur update...in the meantime...keep a journal of ur diet changes and how u feel as u may find tips/clues to foods that may be triggers for u.

Wishing u all the best <3
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What were the results? I am curious because I have similar problem.
Have you had a conclusion to you issue, if so I would be interested as I have had this croaking sound for over two weeks and also feeling out of breath. Please DM on ***@****
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

The member you are commenting to, may not be currently active...so try sending a PM ( private message) which will generate an e-mail informing her someone is trying to make contact.

You can also create a new thread so current members respond....this is an older thread and may get overlooked.
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