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Constant heartburn and first thing in morning annoying cough


Constant heartburn and first thing in morning annoying cough

Had it for months now, Doctor put me on omeprazole which solved problem, but as soon as I stop problem back within 48 hours.  Just finished 3 month course (40mg a day for month 1 and 20mg a day for months 2 and 3) - finished on Friday, heartburn and discomfort back on sunday!
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

First, when stopping a med like omeprazole that is a PPI (proton pump inhibiotor) can cause rebound.....basically the symptoms come back...you need to step off these meds slowly to help avoid the rebound symptoms which can at times feel worse then what you started with.

Since you have a cough, did they look at allergies or a sinus issue as the root cause? Post nasal drip can cause heart burn...so do look into those possibilities Also a H2b may be more helpful then a PPI...a H2b is a histamine blocker instead of a PPI which blocks digestive acids from forming....if you have too much histamines that too can cause similar symptoms....

Talk with your Dr and have more testing.
okay thanks for information
Seems to be worse last few days - at the moment constant burning in back of throat, top of chest which nothing seems to shift - any ideas what food/drink I can have to stop it burning for now? things like rennie etc don't help at all
p.s. cough only seems to be some mornings, not all the time - more I think caused due to the irritation of the burning in my throat/chest.  No other symptoms to point towards sinus issues
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  Foods to avoid - greasy foods, spicy foods, acidic foods, coffee and caffeine bevs, carbonated bevs, alcohol...if a smoker, stop..

Each more meals but smaller meals during the day...and do not lay down for 3 to 4  hours after eating.....

Keep a journal as we all have different foods that are our triggers....this will better help you with what food you can eat and what you can not....

I was able to get my reflux calmed down to the point if I want to eat something that typically is a trigger I take my reflux meds an hour b4 I eat...this allows me to have some of the things I stay away from on a regular basis....and I do not require meds on a daily basis.

Keep in mind during a flare water could cause issues....so keep it bland for a while and be patient.
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