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Constant nausea

Looking to get pointed in the right direction here. I have constant nausea (all day everyday). Stomach feels full of liquid all the time (I can hear it slushing around). Bloated feeling in stomach and intestines. Recurring tenderness in ascending colon area. Headaches and what seems to feel like dry or tired eyes. Had an abdominal ultrasound and results are a mild fatty liver. I have high cholesterol. Had upper endoscopy and diagnosed with gastritis but I don't get heartburn or sore throat. Taking Protonix and Ranitidine doesn't seem to be working much. Nausea is the worst of the symptoms because it is constant. Not enough to vomit though. Sometimes I feel like Claritine helps a very little bit. Might just be me though.
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  Hi  and welcome  to the  GERD  forum,

Have  you  looked  to  your  families medical history?....And  had  your  Gall  Bladder  checked?  It  took  close  to  6  times  to the  ER  for my  dad  to  finally  get  the Drs  to  listen and  it  was  his  GB which  they   ruled  out  but he  kept  telling  them.,...,he  also  developed  H.Pylori  post op....

I  only  mention GB  since  it  was  a long  drawn  out process that  the  Drs  did  not  seem to notice for my dad,...so  I wonder if  it  could  have  been  over looked for you  as  well.....

Another issue  could  be  diverticulitis.....my  dad  has  that  too and his complaints are  similar  to  yours....

Do  look  at  your  diet  and how  active  or inactive  you  may  be  as  they  could  be contributing  to how  you  are  feeling  as  well.

  Do  keep  us  posted on  your progress. and  take  your  meds  as   directed  by  your  Dr....praying you  feel  better soon.
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I want to thank you for your reply! The only way I've had my gall bladder checked is via ultrasound and according to my doctor, it's negative. I read up on diverticulitis and I can definitely relate to the symptoms. To add to those symptoms however, I get the bitter/acid taste in my mouth frequently and earlier on I used to get a burning stomach feeling but that seems to have subsided. Right now I still have the nausea, the tenderness in the ascending colon area and the headaches/eye tiredness as well as frequent feelings of just feeling overall sick. I will definitely keep my doctor in the loop on all of this.
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Ohhh and my mom has had her gall bladder removed. That's pretty much it.
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  Just  know  the testing  could  be  wrong as it  was in  my  dad's  case....keep  pushing  for  answers.....

  What  about  your  grandparents,  aunts  and uncles?.....

  Acid  reflux,  tasting  it can be  related  to  diverticulitis....when  you  have  a flare,  it could  be  an infection...there is a diet  just  as  with GERD  we  need to avoid  certain foods or  they  will cause  a  flare  of  symptoms too.

Keep  us  posted  on  your  progress .

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