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Constant pain of GERD

I'm almost 27 and was diagnosised with GERD at the beginning of 09.  I've had my stomach scope, ultrasound of my gall bladder, HIDA scan, gastric emptying study, tubeless enterlysis and all tests came back normal.  But my stomach constantly burns in spite of the diet change and meds(prilosec or acidphx, activated charcoal, tums). I'm also naseaus after bowel movements or diarrhea(whichever comes first). My gas is awful the burps scare people away and the farts make sure they don't come back.  Even my throat burns and i can't sing much anymore(but my dr said that's not related to GERD).  
Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm wanting to go back to my normal life!!
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

May I ask, what meds r u on now and what dosage?

Did u do the swollow study?....have u had a colonoscopy?

It is possiblie that the meds u started on were not right for u...or it was taking a bit longer for u to see results.In my experience as a patient myself, it can take at least a week or better to start to feel better.

Were ur meds all OTC? or Rx strenght?

Lifestyle changes also ned to be done and continued...again u will not see instant changes, but time will help.

I am also wondering if u may have a gluten issue.Keep a journal of what u eat...and track all ur symptoms and see if u have a trigger .

Keep us posted on ur progress and please ask more questions!!

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No swollow study or colonoscopy.  What are those?
Right now trying protonix @40mg per day hoping that will help.
The journal sounds like a good idea thanks!
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HI..the swollow study is used to look at/for obstructions that could be causing issues in ur esphopagus.It can also detect if there is damage occuring.
You drink barium and x rays r taken as u eat and drink the barium.
They may find a hiatal hernia or slow responding sphincters in the esphopagus.
A colonosopy is a scope that moves thru ur colon to identify polyps or other damage to ur colon.

keep us posted on ur progress and what u find in keeping ur journal.

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