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Continous Epigastric pain and burning

Dear sir, it has been 4 year that i have Continous symptoms of epigastric pain and burning sensation,along this four years for relieving the symptoms i continously taking PPI (omeprazole) even i cant stop it for one day,
i have done many Endoscopies the result was Esophagitis and antral gastriits,
i have done my H-pylori tests as well it is negative,
i have done my Gastrin Level it was normal ,
i have done my 24 hours PH monometry there was no Reflux and regurgitation
i have used PPI for more than four years it is just a symptomatic releif for me
i am getting worse day by day, so worried about my misdiagnosed illness still it is going on and every day and moments it hurts me,
would you please help me what to do with my this problem.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

May I ask what type of diet you have? Certain foods can trigger symptoms to flare even while on meds.....lifestyle can affect it as well....being stressed....losing or gaining weight....so many things.

I am not sure what to suggest, but if you want to get off the meds you would have to step down slowly as rebound will occur.....you will feel worse when you stop  as a result.....

Do you have PND or allergies?
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