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Continued Throat Problems

44 year old female, 50mg Toprol XL daily for heart palpitations.  In January I choked on some food and from that moment on I have had continued problems with daily heartburn (pain in chest and between shoulder blades at times), burning in the back of my throat, lump in throat, and generally feeling like I had something small (the size of a piece of rice) stuck in my throat.  An xray was taken of my throat (normal) and a barium swallow was done.  The diagnosis was esophagitis and I was told to take OTC Prilosec daily.  No strictures, ulcers, hiatal hernia, or reflux was detected (for which I am thankful).  My doctor told me to discontinue use of all anti-inflammatory medicines (ibuprofin, Aleve, etc.) that she had been treating my problematic knee with since July 2009.  I have been taking an OTC Prilosec each morning and still sometimes have to take Tums/Rolaids late afternoon or evening to tone down the heartburn and lump in the throat.  My only offending foods/drinks are my Diet Cokes and my peppermint gum.  Chocolate is an absolute no-no as this makes the chest pain and the burning in the back of the throat worse.   I have been doing this routine of avoiding certain drinks/foods and taking the Prilosec for about three weeks now, but still continue to have daily symptoms.  Is there something else I should have them check for or this just something that will go away with time?  If it is something that will go away, is there any thought on how long something like this takes to heal?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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If you find improvement with PPI and lifestyle modifications, then you have to continue the medications for 8 weeks.
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