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Could I have GERD?

It seems like I am nauseous constantly almost every day. I also always feel like there's a lump in my throat and I'm just going to throw up at any minute. It's very unpleasant. I also seem to have like discomfort in my chest and pressure and also in my throat.

Do these sound like signs of GERD? I also have anxiety so with all of my anxiety symptoms plus this constant nausea and chest and throat discomfort, I'm thinking there's something wrong with my heart. But if the other symptoms are just GERD then maybe I can rest a lot easier. This has me very worried and any advice would be much appreciated.
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It could be due to GERD or anxiety itself.
Take Prilosec and there will be relief if it is due to GERD.
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yes that is exactly the symptoms of gerds .a lump in the throat,chronic stomach acid,taking stomach acid pills ,i deal with it to .it,s not fun .and can riuin your day quickly.i,m at the point of coughing up blood.going to see my doc this morning.don,t wait to long for seeing your doc.the long tim ffects can be brutal
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