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Could this be acid reflux?

Hi, I am new to posting here so forgive me if I haven't posted in the correct place. For the past while, I have had this constant burning sort of pain in my upper abdominal area that is really unsettling and can be very uncomfortable. I can't seem to eat a lot because I feel so full but yet so hungry at the same time. I'm bloated. I have lots of gas. It's a little tender to touch. About 2 weeks ago, I spoke to a GP over the phone (he couldn't see me due to COVID-19 pandemic going on) and he said it sounded like gastroenteritis and prescribed me buscopan but I have been taking the buscopan and it hasn't helped. I'm just wondering if this sounds like acid reflux maybe? Any insight is much appreciated.
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My Acid Reflux that is really painful, it's with me specifically begins as often a full-ish tummy feeling more often than not say 85% of the time it kicks in, and then a hot irritation burning like way too much spice that rises from base of the middle bit of your chest bone (sternum area) inside the throat going up that causes a clutching burning feeling up that food tube sometimes bad flare ups it comes up the oesophagus the food pipe and causes excessive swallowing excess saliva in your mouth, and can some cases cause a difficulty in swallowing naturally, but honestly people can have this without such high up the oesophagus burning and no trouble swallowing.

You can have no upper throat burning just fully tummy feelings but let's be fair how many organs hide in a stomach sized open space lots, it's highly likely but I would take no advice in a forum post diagnosis and go to your gp, or at least call 111 is it for advice, yes likelihood would be not so bad re-flux, but more serious heart attack symptoms and other organ inflammations and or infections can mimic that of re-flux, I doubt it's anything so serious likely as you guess it is indeed a form of re-flux but go to your gp don't hold any minor detail back don't be embarrassed either if eg. you go no.2 more liquidy eg. that info can determine a difference between the right answer and prolonged answer leading to unnecessary treatments. That was my mistake just let it burn for 20+ years until it was like a sharp I got something fatal kind of sharp pain.

It can mimic so sharp you think your really ill but your not so be clear and forthcoming and don't rely on a forum post diagnosis. Although this forum group is amazing doc's and surgeons etc helping people they would also advise the same advice pre diagnosis seek gp and be up front no matter the embarrassing nature it may present as.

If it burns it's acidic or has potential to be a little more risky than acidic burning so don't keep it to your self tell your med professional, that's how I ended up needing this wrap around.
Acting I can take it gets you so far but it won't cure something you leave untreated will it, but in the mean time avoid fruit fruit juices no tomatoe juices no tea or coffee even decaf absolutely avoid alcohol cigarettes and sugar and for goodness sake avoid chocolate and sugary things no boiled sweets raw bag sugar in drinks, no fruit based substances etc etc citric acid raw pure fruit form is worse even bananas can whack you severely if it's re-flux.
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Lots of acids gets secreated and may be there is buring senstion in the stomach linings . Try less on eating spicy foods,  . Try small small meals around instaed of a heavy meals , Eat natural food try to eat Cabbage  recipies steamed . Getup early in morning drink plenty of water and do some exersice .which releases stress .Avoid alcohol .
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